on Tuesday, August 26, 2008, Martin wrote:

Shake Your Coconut

Hi, hello.

I think this was the first track that made me aware of DFA. And in that sense: a starting point for my... love for everything James Murphy puts his fingers on or just puts out. The last year has contained a lot to love with Happy House by Juan Maclean, tracks by Holy Ghost! a new album by Syclops (with one of my fave tracks: mom the video broke!!) and of course Hercules and Love Affair. And the best thing: they are still doing it with style.
Let's sum this one up by shaking our coconuts.

Junior Senior - Shake Your Coconuts (DFA remix)

Swedish House

It is not Ingrosso or Angello.

It is Familjen.

And it is good swedish house-music with a nice bounce to it.

Familjen - Kom Säger Dom

on Sunday, August 24, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

Popaganda Coming Up!

The biggest in town festival in Stockholm is coming up next week-end. Lots of great bands will be performing - amongs acts like Familjen and Bonde Do Role, one finds the biggest beard from France: Sebastien Tellier.

Here's a little snack for all you eagerly awaiting his concert.

A big merci to everybody who showed up at Pleasant yesterday to. We love you guys!

And yeah, i know who's on the picture - it's a joke for fs.

Sebastien Tellier - Pomme

on Saturday, August 23, 2008, Pier wrote:


Bonjour bonjour. ça fait longtemps. Mais t'inquiète, malgré les problèmes technique, les emplois du temps chargé, l'amour, les soirées, les abus... C'est fini les vacances. On se remet au bouleau.
Sinon, on a perdu Jim en Croatie. Mais personne s'inquiète.

Mad Decent Worldwide Radio 34 - Flosstradamus.

on Friday, August 22, 2008, linus! wrote:


Ehm.. I dont understand portuguese, so I have to guess what this song is about.. but, its really not that hard.. I mean, after all, it is baile funk..

MC Mel - Mega putaria

DBTY at Pleasant - Mad Again!

Let's just call it a complete classic among classics. Where mixing it up at Pleasant again, like every end of the month. We're starting to get real comfy at this towns best bar.

So if you're in Stockholm - don't miss out a night of happy Baltimore, edgy house music, bouncy baile funk and sing-a-long electro. It only gets better!

Tomorrow the heat is on. Dress up, put on a nice cologne, do some push ups, drink your rum with something sweet, never stop the bounce.

Here's a likkel Tim Dolla for ya'll!

Tim Dolla - Digital Cable

on Wednesday, August 20, 2008, Martin wrote:

Now: something from Sweden

Minilogue - Little Sisters

on Monday, August 18, 2008, Martin wrote:

This one goes out to all the sexy computers out there

Zapp & Roger - Computer Love


I don't know whats it is - maybe it's the fourteen year old girl inside me talking, maybe it's the memories of making out with innocent italian exchange-student-girls at classic Stockholm club Metropolis, or maybe Mgmt is just the best indie-group since i don't know what.

They finally caught up with me though.

Can't get Kids outta my head - it is in so many ways the perfect pop-song:

MGMT - Kids

Her name is Charlotte

Mean, dark and dubby!
Out now with some other sweet remixes.

Booka Shade - Charlotte (Dubfire remix)

on Saturday, August 16, 2008, Martin wrote:

Mickey Moonlight

The best thing from Ed Banger in a long time!

Mickey Moonlight - Interplanetary Music (Riton remix)

Streetlife DJs

Like a talented but annoying little brother/sister. I never had one. So I'll stick with this,

Out now on Kitsuné.

Streetlife DJs - Gunn Crime

on Thursday, August 14, 2008, Martin wrote:

Why not one more?

Alter Ego - Why Not? (Joakim Remix)

More Jacking

Jack Music!

P Diddy - Jack U (Felix Da Housecat remix)

Time to Jack



open your eyes and feel it.

Infinity - Klaas Rmx

on Wednesday, August 13, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

We got mail!

We recieved some lovely club-trax from Mustard Pimps tout à l'heure. I really thought they where nicety so here ya'll goes.

Two tunes from our yellow friends the pimps:

Bryan Cox - Let's Go To work (Mustard Pimp Remix)

Crookers - Il Brutto (Mustard Pimp El Burrito Remix)

on Saturday, August 9, 2008, Martin wrote:

The best from the japanese fox

Before Jence and Isi became famous around the globe with their Digitalism they (or at least) Jence did a number of one shot-project. One of them is Palermo Disko Machine, who only released one EP on Kitsuné entitled I Ragazzi Dell 1982. It is fantastic.





Summer in the City

One week ago I was in a tight, sweaty and happy spot. Swedish rap-brothers Lorentz and M. Sakarias released their new mixtape and performed songs from it in a really packed dj-booth/stage with ever so awesome Russian Spring Break.

The crowd was going crazy and the performance was brilliant.

truc de ouf.

So, without further etc...

We givez to ya'll:

Lorentz och M. Sakarias - Sommaren i City Mixtape

Di did Dum dum dum


This is a good release from Dirtybird.

The Martin Brothers once again does something fun, good and catchy.

See you to night at Bonden!




It's an arpeggio.

It is Joakim

It is remixed by Emperor Machine.

It's loong.

Here it is

on Wednesday, August 6, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

DBTY @ Bonden Bar Saturday!

So Cocotaxi (!) - one of the most awesome dj-crew:s in Sthlm - invited us over to their lovely bass-drowned club at Bonden this saturday.

This happening, or whatever one chooses to call it, will be a war - in the most positive sense of the word.

There will be hundreds of us behind the decks, this is a song that pretty much says everything about this week-end. A little dedication to our friends The Coco Kids!

In The Club - KW Griff

on Monday, August 4, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

Darker and darker it goes





Makes me miss the basements.

Wolfbrigade - Dmitry Fyodorov

on Sunday, August 3, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

Scenic World

I just can't get enough.
I just can't get enough.


Scenic World (Pocketknife Rmx) - Beirut