on Sunday, September 30, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

If you hear any noize...

This week has been crazy, I’ve been working non-stop Monday till Sunday, like ten hours a day. I’m fucking exhausted. Mostly because the Halo release forced me to write two reviews and two articles in four days. Now’s the last day of the week, the day to take a break and recharge.

What I am doing?

I’m at the fucking office since twelve o’clock trying to finish of my todolist from hell. I’m supposed to write one massive review of Final Fantasy Tactics, two shorties on two new ever so boooring pop-albums, finish of a review of new Samuel L. film Cleaner and write an editor ab00t a new article.

If I do not do this before tomorrow I am a dead man.

I chose life.

You want know the secret how to do work your self through this mount everest of assignements?

Drinking coffee like water and listening to Boys Noize of course!

So finally it’s here, the long awaited album. Dbty is giving you two already torn apart great tunes, and a new one, from the masters of the remix:

My Way (Kid Alex Boys Noize Rmx)

Alloy Mental (Boys Noize Rmx)

Lava Lava

on Tuesday, September 25, 2007, Shoré wrote:

Fashion is in da house!

Studying fashion is awesome. im reading this book by this really cool frenchie called Barthes who says that fashion is like linguistics, a sort of communication through symbols. And then im reading this other book by this not so cool dudette who writes about these freaks. Remember when you were a kid and used to play dress-up? Well some people actually still do this when they're grown up and call it lajv. The dudette wrote an entire 400 pages about how these lajvers go to Gotland for a week every year, dress up and then pretend they live in the middle-ages. And it's huge! Thousands of people from all over the world go there each year!

Now why the fuck would you wanna do that? It's not called the dark ages for nuthin' ya know! Exactly WHAT was better then? You had to ware wool clothes that gave you a rash, you did your doo doo in a bucket by your bed, and your personal hygiene was worse than the pigs you killed for lunch. To top that of your mom and dad were cousins, (which explains why you had 12 toes and two belly buttons) and your boyfriend had more diseases in his cock than he had teeth in his mouth. Need i say more?

If I would dress up and pretend i lived in a different space and time I'd probably cross-dress and pretend that I was some cool detective in a film noir movie. Mysterious jazz music would play wherever I went and the smoke from my cigar would always put a fog around my face. I would stroke my lips with my thumb like Bogart and drop cheesy but ever so cool lines like Gable. I was thinking about this when I looked at the photos on my computer and found a picture of this dude.

Which totally made me wonder, what world was he living in? And then i realized, he wasn't pretending at all! We here so much about styles that bubble up from the streets from youth cultures and become the latest fashion. But we don't know shit about the old and homeless street people and the fashion amongst them. I mean ganstarr rap about this dude who puts on all this jewelry (to state he's got benjamins), baggy jeans (to state he's been in jail and couldn't wear a belt) and is packin a gun (to state he's a bad as motha f'****) just to get a rep. I interpreted him all wrong, this dude in the picture is the big man on the block in his community! He's got a captains hat which states he's the boss. He's wearing sun glasses cause if you look him in the eyes he would have to kill you. And his dress is saying "I raped and killed your grandma' and took her shit with me".

Woooow! And here I'd thought that dressing up like that on the streets just made you get beat up more. It's a mazing how studying fashion has made me so like.....intellectual.

Gangstarr - Just to get a rep

on Sunday, September 23, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:


I feel like screaming. I was screaming. Just a few moments ago. My friend, we can call her miss fatty, just came over and introduced me to someone, and now I’m done for.

I’m in love.

Truly madly deeply in love, without limitations. I’m in love so much it hurts. I dream about my newfound love. I sometimes cry. I’m anxiety-filled with emotions so power full it feels like my chest is going to burst in a thousand small, small pieces.

Love is painfull.

I want Her now!

Please pour some sugar on me.

Mikey Rocks btw.

Chex it out. You won’t regret it.

Free at last!

I was supposed to post this at saturday, but due to a bottle of wine, some beer and a friends quiet cheese-and-crackers-birthday-party, im about an hour minutes late. Sorry for that.

For those of you that might have missed it, Jamaicas most sensitive voice, Jah Cure, is finally free from jail, and at the same time he released his latest album, True reflections - a new beginning. As usual, it contain his singles from the past year, so vinyl- and mp3-blog-freaks will not find much new here..
The album contains both the smash hit Longing for(on the Dropleaf riddim, produced by Don Corleone) as well as his single on Don Corleones following, similar riddim, the Seasons:

Jah Cure - Love is

Mavado, the new face in Bounty killers crew The Alliance, released his debut album some time ago...
This shit is so hard and sad you get goosebumps.
Mavado - amazing grace

Even when he sings about fucking, he sounds as if someone tored his liver out and peed on it. Poor guy...
Mavado - squeeze breast

Thats all for tonight kids.

on Thursday, September 20, 2007, v för vem wrote:

Bird Peterson

I don't have much to say today. Instead I want you to put your ears to the tracks I'm about to post, and I mean really listen, not just save 'em in some random folder on your computer, never to be found again.

Bird treats every bar in his music uniquely. I've listen to these tracks countless times and still hear new thing. Not that I want to be affiliated with Sylar from Heroes(awful show), but I would like know what's going on in Mr. Petersons head.

140 cupid - cupid shuffle bird peterson remix-128

Cupid - Cupid Shuffle

Bird Peterson - Junkyard champ

The Mohawks - The Champ

Want more? Cop it here.

on Monday, September 17, 2007, Pier wrote:

A table !

J’ai trouvé ryanair. J’ai trouvé rocky magazine. J’ai trouvé des sushis. J’ai trouvé un évanouissement. J’ai trouvé un meuble préfabriqué à monter soi-même. J’ai trouvé J’ai trouvé des baguettes chinoises en métal. J’ai trouvé une guitare. J’ai trouvé une chemise à carreau. J’ai trouvé la technologie macintosh. J’ai trouvé la baile-funk. Jái trouvé des grandes lunettes. J’ai trouvé du café que l´on peut boire tranquillement en une ou deux heures. J’ai trouvé des slim pants. J’ai trouvé des serrures particulières. J’ai trouvé un petit pain au chocolat chaud. J’ai trouvé du hip-hop super sale. J’ai trouvé un banc où je peux dormir. J’ai trouvé une nouvelle bague. J’ai trouvé Kung. J’ai trouvé des toilettes musicale. J’ai trouvé du kyckling. J’ai trouvé ” shit my balls”. J’ai trouvé le guiness book des records 2007. J’ai trouvé un tatoueur pas cher. J’ai trouvé un cuisinier encore moins cher. J’ai trouvé la guerre en boîte de nuit. J’ai trouvé un foulard. J’ai trouvé des jordan retro 3. J’ai trouvé deux verres en cristal. J’ai trouvé une capitaine. J’ai trouvé Diplo. J’ai trouvé M.I.A. J’ai trouvé un mec blond super moche mais très accueillant. J’ai trouvé un gratte-dos. J’ai trouvé une iranniene-perse cool. J’ai trouvé des adidas noire et orange fluo. J’ai trouvé de l’electro pute.

Avec tout cela, je suis DBTY…

Bonde do Tigrao – The Book Is On The Table

666 – Alarma

on Sunday, September 16, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

The beginning and the end

I’m a broken man. Indeed.

So I guess it’s over.

Our first theme week has passed here at DBTY. It’s been crazy, to say the least. Jerry opened up in the most aggressive of ways; setting the standard so fucking high I thought it impossible to match.

Then Linus just fucked us over.

Now I’m sitting in my apartment with the computer in my lap, listening to Nina Simone’s “Baltimore” for the freaking fifteenth time today. Yesterday evening was all about “Samir’s Theme” as we celebrated our ever absent DBTY-member Shoré on her 23:d birthday.

You kind of understand where that puts me right? No fucking way I’ll ever mach these other two dudes. It’s just impossible. I mean, heck, this whole post has been me desperately trying to get away from the fact that I actually need to write something useful about B-more music.

Well fuck that.

This is a song that has been tearing up my headphones this whole summer. It’s just pure madness – c’est aussi très très beau. It’s gorgeous. Because the new-generation, kind of, (Diplo) meets up with the old school heores (Daft Punk), in an initiative taken by the man who more or less represents that recycling mentality in music (Kanye West) melting together in a magic, oh so magic B-more tune.

Diplo – Stronger (Remix)

Can’t really have a theme-week like this without DJ Technics either, now can we?

DJ Technics – Come on boy

And Scottie B should be there as well.

Scottie B - Niggaz Fighting

Well, hope that does it for a wrap up… All death-threats can be sent to me on myspace or in the comments section.


Tomorrow the line up is widened; DJ Super F a.k.a Pierre Guillou starts writing Mondays here at DBTY.

Welcome dude!

on Friday, September 14, 2007, linus! wrote:

In your face, suckers!

When I heard about the Bmore theme i thought to my self: Damn, thats innovative. Lets make this blogg to yet another hipster paradise, feeling all exclusive and cool while we keep posting the same electro shit that everybody else does.

But maybe it was just me being bitter cause I can't hear the difference between Bmore, Ghettotech, Bootybase, Ghettobase, Miami base, Detroit bass and whatever they call it. To me, it's just hiphop for people who have zipped too much of that Cocillana and cant handle writing rhymes anymore. It's a bit like crunk, after ten beers, everything with a heavy base and pussy.. titties.. ass is awesome.

So, what was I supposed to do? Surf the hollertronix forum and try to find any good bmore? Im pretty sure both of the others tryin to write on this blogg will do just that, claiming that they've been listening to Bmore since 91.

Better of, I continue the tradition of bringing you good relaxing music, perfect for saturday mornings. But today, so I don´t ruin the oh so cool "theme week", I've searched for the absolut best songs amongst all that came up when I typed "Baltimore" in iTunes. (That, my friends, is what I call innovative!)

First out, we have one of the greatest voices ever. The Title track on Nina Simones album Baltimore from 1978 gives us smooth and fucking wonderful singing, over a clean, reggae inspired beat. Classic.

Nina Simone - Baltimore

And then, when I have lubed you up, you're ready to go all the way with one of the biggest, (allthough occasionaly one of the most boring) voices in jamaican music history, Dennis brown.
But why do I post this song you ask? Well, the riddim is called Baltimore riddim and exept Dennis Brown, you can hear big tunes by, among others, Everton Blender, Anthony B and Buccaneer on it.

Dennis Brown - The More I Excel

Fuckit, This one's so good, you really need this too:

Everton Blender - The Man

on Thursday, September 13, 2007, v för vem wrote:

Tuesday you say? Sheeeeeeeeeit!

I was watching some old episodes of The Wire the other day, to get in the mood for the 5th season. In the middle of one I hear Rod Lee's Dance my pain away being played in the background, and to my surprise I realized that my first contact with Baltimore Club Music was probably from this show. This was way back before I even heard about the Hollorboard, TTlab or Faderecords. Kinda ironic when you think about it. Now days I need fresh bmore tracks like a dope feen needs their crack viles. I'll be that white boy out scavenging copper pipes with Bubbles, except at payday I' ll hit the record store instead of the dealers at the corner. Okey, enough with the wire meta fores.

So since I'm the only one on this blog with a few bmore history lessons under my belt, I'm gonna share with you some classic tracks that really had a big impact on me. And at the same time Ima dodge the wole "what is bmore?" discussion, and leave it to my fine blog friends here at dbty (good luck suckers!).

First out, Karizma. I stumbled upon a huge back catalog of old bmore tracks i few years back and hiding in the middle I found this ep. I know little more than what it says on discogs about this track. But keep in mind that it dateds back to 94', and still sounds amazingly fresh in my ears. I have killed my share of "bmore friendly" dance floors with this track. I've always told myself that it's because the bad sound quality and frequent cue-burns, but then again, maby im the only one feelin it?

Kman - Blow (Shahittin' Mix)

Then to what club music is all about. Simple, yet genius! I don't have much to say about this track but one thing is certain, if you bring this record for your set, you wont need to pack a SP-303 for any sort of horn sounds. This track is literally the definition of Air horns.
Samir is a fucking genius!

Debonair Samir - Samir Theme

on Monday, September 10, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

It's wartime bitcheeeees!

So this is how it's going down.

This is the first official theme-week at Don’t Blame The Youth:

We’re giving you the certified DBTY B-More Bash!

Yes, it’s very simple, really. Each one of us will give their two preferred B-More tunes in the world. The two songs will be published with a motivation for each song, which will leave you guys the opportunity to download the worlds six best B-More songs in one week.

OMG! That’s fucking amazing, is what you are thinking. And you know what? You are right.

Why did we choose B-More as genre?

Why not?

Expect a lot of sucker-punching between us writers, lot’s of spontaneous fist pumping in front of your screens, at the office or your living room or n’importe où. At above all: expect lot’s of good music.

This is how it goes down:

Thursday – V-v-v-vem för vemdetta – first out.

Saturday – Linus publishes the second part.

Sunday – BTC aka Me wraps it up.

Bien à vous!

on Sunday, September 9, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

Watch out for The Rockodiles!

This is when we go rock.

Have you heard about The Rockodiles ?

The oh so talented Love is hell -guy starts making music with this dude that looks like Ulf Lundell or whatever and then some arty guy in runners shoes starts playing drums and from times to times this really drunk dude that looks like a mashup between Harry Potter and the main character in Football Factory joins and voilà! You have The Rockodiles.

I don’t know if this started out as a joke or if they are dead serious or perhaps they are the product of some fat bastard at Sony BMG trying to make something new, just failing, sounding old instead, but very soulfull, ending up being something very good.

Who cares anyway. Embrace it, don’t fight it – as one of my old friend used to say.

So what I do know is: this is fucking awesome rock music made for brawling, getting wasted and thrashing your newly bought jeans to. Yes. It sounds good. Makes you feel good. And should definitely be seen live soon as you get the chance.

Like, a mix between Johnny Cash, Al Green, The Rolling Stones and The Missfits.

Cool as the north pole.

Isn’t Christmas Snow the most heart-breaking musical experience you’ve had since Sam Cooke sang “Iiiiiii waaas booorn by the riiiiverrr, in a little tent…”, and you just broke down and cried like a baby.

The Rockodiles - Christmas Snow

The Rockodiles – White Lines

on Saturday, September 8, 2007, linus! wrote:

Wrap your chops...

Ok, it's saturday and you where probably out late last night, right? Your head feels heavy and your ears ringing? You hate yourself for playing so much guitar hero that you never want to hear another electric guitar(who does anyway?) again in your whole life?
Relax, we got just the cure for you. Like a salvation for those poor ears of yours.

So, I stumbled across this movie about american drug politics a couple of weeks ago. Except for the fact that it's a pretty funny movie, it also contains some great songs (about weed of course, since that's what the movie is about).

First out we have an old big band jazz tune from Cab Calloway:

Reefer man

And like that wasn't enough, we got even more of that 1930ish-crunchy-old-jazz-record-stuff for you:

Sidney Bechet - Viper Mad

And to finish this of, Swedish rapper Chords sampled Viper Mad and made his, by now almost classic ganja tribute tune "Wrap your chops".

Feeling better now?

on Tuesday, September 4, 2007, v för vem wrote:

God spoke to me this week-end

My best guess is that time is close to haft past three, and I'm barely standing outside Burger King with a milkshake in my hand. I'm trying to figure out where I'v been the last couple of hours, when I, from the corner of my eye, see this suite walking towards me. The man walks straight up to me and with a deep voice I hear the words "Where's your car?".
I turn my eyes from the traffic light which i'w been staring at for the last 10 minutes and try to focus. My eyes were probably all over the place cause the only thing a can remember was this bright red light. I manage to replay "car?" without thinking of swallowing that last sip of milkshake, making me look like I'm having a ceasure of some kind, the man swiftly turns around and walks away.

I'm left standing there at the sidewalk for a few minutes wondering what the fuck just happened to me, when I see the same man whistling and waving to every cab in the street. And just for a moment the whole universe comes to a halt and all the pieces falls to place. He didn't ask me "if" or "are you?" or anything like that, he asked me the direct question "wheres your car? like he had no doubts that i could be anything other than a cab driver.
So there is it. I finally know what to do with my life, all this waiting is to an end.

I don't know if picking a perfect theme song from my cab is the smartest way to pursue this new found life mission of mine. But hey, its a start right? Strictly Cousin Cole will be bumping out of my cabs speakers.

So, where are you headin' ?

Cassidy- Drink and My 2 Step (Cousin Cole remix)

(Can't help myself)

on Sunday, September 2, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

It’s alive!

A common opinion since the end of the happy nineties in Stockholm is the claimed death of Swedish hip-hop.

Swedish rappers might not earn money like their colleagues on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, I mean, the richest one is probably Petter, and he’s leasing a Lexus. That’s about it.

The creativity, however, is very much alive. M. Sakarias is a part of prodigy group Vendetta , big brother of Lorentz , all mighty master chief of Baseline Music and very, very ambitious.

This is one fine piece of evidence that Swedish hip hop is very much alive. Go download the M. Sakarias mixtape, vol. 1 now, it’s for free!

M. Sakarias – Trumfkort Mixtape

I must of course big up our friends at Steady Mobbin too. They ‘re opening their new club at Sodra Bar (Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden) this Thursday. You need to check it out.

We’re expecting a chilled atmosphere, beer in small bottles of glass and well mixed hip-hop from LL.Cool.Be and Sweet-Tee (Who used to play at Speakeasy, the purest lounge rap perfection).

It’s free, so be sure to show up!