on Tuesday, September 25, 2007, Shoré wrote:

Fashion is in da house!

Studying fashion is awesome. im reading this book by this really cool frenchie called Barthes who says that fashion is like linguistics, a sort of communication through symbols. And then im reading this other book by this not so cool dudette who writes about these freaks. Remember when you were a kid and used to play dress-up? Well some people actually still do this when they're grown up and call it lajv. The dudette wrote an entire 400 pages about how these lajvers go to Gotland for a week every year, dress up and then pretend they live in the middle-ages. And it's huge! Thousands of people from all over the world go there each year!

Now why the fuck would you wanna do that? It's not called the dark ages for nuthin' ya know! Exactly WHAT was better then? You had to ware wool clothes that gave you a rash, you did your doo doo in a bucket by your bed, and your personal hygiene was worse than the pigs you killed for lunch. To top that of your mom and dad were cousins, (which explains why you had 12 toes and two belly buttons) and your boyfriend had more diseases in his cock than he had teeth in his mouth. Need i say more?

If I would dress up and pretend i lived in a different space and time I'd probably cross-dress and pretend that I was some cool detective in a film noir movie. Mysterious jazz music would play wherever I went and the smoke from my cigar would always put a fog around my face. I would stroke my lips with my thumb like Bogart and drop cheesy but ever so cool lines like Gable. I was thinking about this when I looked at the photos on my computer and found a picture of this dude.

Which totally made me wonder, what world was he living in? And then i realized, he wasn't pretending at all! We here so much about styles that bubble up from the streets from youth cultures and become the latest fashion. But we don't know shit about the old and homeless street people and the fashion amongst them. I mean ganstarr rap about this dude who puts on all this jewelry (to state he's got benjamins), baggy jeans (to state he's been in jail and couldn't wear a belt) and is packin a gun (to state he's a bad as motha f'****) just to get a rep. I interpreted him all wrong, this dude in the picture is the big man on the block in his community! He's got a captains hat which states he's the boss. He's wearing sun glasses cause if you look him in the eyes he would have to kill you. And his dress is saying "I raped and killed your grandma' and took her shit with me".

Woooow! And here I'd thought that dressing up like that on the streets just made you get beat up more. It's a mazing how studying fashion has made me so like.....intellectual.

Gangstarr - Just to get a rep


linus! said...

hahahahahaha, awesome! Classic tune too...

DBTY Int. said...


It's the perfect statement. The ironic generation just became a tiny bit more beautiful!

And a song has never been more in sync with the text... zomg!

I'm still laughing. DBTY just got their first real commedian!


jacky jack said...

damn shoré, you got the old man all figured out! Hes the captain of the block, and a ruthless rapist of grandmothers. Who woulda knew?
If i saw him on the streets, I wouldve just assumed he couldn't choose between dressing up as skipper from gillagins island or attending a baby shower with that floral dress. Its the new gangstaaaa!!

v för vem said...

Ante up!
Shoré rock a ski-mask, whether it's June or February!

Fathia Mohidin said...

I met this really cool dudette yesterday, she's from the painochocolat crew. She was wearing this really wicked bodysuit representin iran, and told me about this old man, or what-ever-you-wanna-call-him, she was writing about. Man this dude, he's like the new flavour 'crownie'. A mixture of the unknown, the untouchable. I've only met one dude like this before and he's also from painochocolat, i think his name was "Keith". This is like the madest thing ever. The fact the you even can describe 'it' is wicked! This dude is like the episode of the wire when this little kid tries to calmb down this kinda big shaniqua with a handfan after she stabbed a girl in the face. it funny but at the same time you really don't know what the fuck he's thinkin!

Pleas let me be in your crew!