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Free at last!

I was supposed to post this at saturday, but due to a bottle of wine, some beer and a friends quiet cheese-and-crackers-birthday-party, im about an hour minutes late. Sorry for that.

For those of you that might have missed it, Jamaicas most sensitive voice, Jah Cure, is finally free from jail, and at the same time he released his latest album, True reflections - a new beginning. As usual, it contain his singles from the past year, so vinyl- and mp3-blog-freaks will not find much new here..
The album contains both the smash hit Longing for(on the Dropleaf riddim, produced by Don Corleone) as well as his single on Don Corleones following, similar riddim, the Seasons:

Jah Cure - Love is

Mavado, the new face in Bounty killers crew The Alliance, released his debut album some time ago...
This shit is so hard and sad you get goosebumps.
Mavado - amazing grace

Even when he sings about fucking, he sounds as if someone tored his liver out and peed on it. Poor guy...
Mavado - squeeze breast

Thats all for tonight kids.

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R said...

Jah Cure makes my heart bleed bitter sweet tears of love