on Sunday, September 30, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

If you hear any noize...

This week has been crazy, I’ve been working non-stop Monday till Sunday, like ten hours a day. I’m fucking exhausted. Mostly because the Halo release forced me to write two reviews and two articles in four days. Now’s the last day of the week, the day to take a break and recharge.

What I am doing?

I’m at the fucking office since twelve o’clock trying to finish of my todolist from hell. I’m supposed to write one massive review of Final Fantasy Tactics, two shorties on two new ever so boooring pop-albums, finish of a review of new Samuel L. film Cleaner and write an editor ab00t a new article.

If I do not do this before tomorrow I am a dead man.

I chose life.

You want know the secret how to do work your self through this mount everest of assignements?

Drinking coffee like water and listening to Boys Noize of course!

So finally it’s here, the long awaited album. Dbty is giving you two already torn apart great tunes, and a new one, from the masters of the remix:

My Way (Kid Alex Boys Noize Rmx)

Alloy Mental (Boys Noize Rmx)

Lava Lava

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