on Wednesday, October 3, 2007, Shoré wrote:

Yummie bread!

Fashion comes from France and so does Pain Chocolate. For those of you who don’t know it’s this crispy bread that’s filled with warm creamy chocolate inside. I used to stuff my face with it every morning when I was in France this summer.

This Friday I went to this awsome party in a fashion office where I drank a lot of cheap beer and met a hermaphrodite called Mysterious. I also met a group of frenchies!

These mec francais actually knew some english and convinced me and my friend Fatty Murder to go with them to an ‘after’. Natrually on my way there I started saying everything and anything I know in french, and the first thing that came out of my mouth was: “je suis un pain chocolate chaud” (This frase is something that me and other members of DBTY always joke about since Super Fitta used that as a line to hook up with a swedish girl in Stockholm.)

Now one of the frenchies said “Yes! I am Kirikoo and we are Pain chokolat Crew, thats us”.

I remember laughing my loud and obnoxious laughter when hearing his statement then thinking Wow, Kirikoo, what an awesome ninja name and then finally replying: “ Well I’m pain chocolate chaud and my friend and I together form the ‘Oreo Crew’.”

We’re suddenly standing outside Spy Bar and I say “we’re not going in here c’est tros nulle and my friend fatty murder elle est tros bu, but let’s meet up later and get défense”.

These three fraises (meaning: It’s worthless, she’s drunk, and stoned) pretty much sum up my whole week in France and I remember walking away feeling so proud that I had learned such usefull fraises this summer. How awesome!

The next day I’m checking out the Caliroots blogspot to se the opening hours for their sneaker swap and I find this picture of the frenchies from the night before. Above it is a Flyer for the club ‘Buck and Grind’ where apparently Kirikoo and Pain Chokolat Crew will be performing.

Now how crazzzzzy is that?! These guys were for real! C’est tros bizare! Too bad i was too hungover to see the performance.

Here’s a song about the yummie bread, and a song from another group thats cool and french.

Joe Dassin - Les Petits Pains au Chocolat

Boys Noize - Deny


DBTY Int. said...

HAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA C parfait petite toki garden dwarf! I've been laughing all morning.... haha!

Anonymous said...

Phatty murdah, hahahaha! POMPOMPOMPOMPOMPOMPOMPOM!