on Thursday, October 18, 2007, v för vem wrote:

Sleeping Beauty

I know this guy, who consider himself having a good taste in music. Sometimes when out at clubs, and the right person ask, he might even say he's a dj. The only obstacle in this mans life revolved around not having enough money to buy all 13 records at the vinyl store, and he was left with no other option that to leave one behind. Offcourse the 13th record was furious and lay a curse over our friend, that one day he would sting him self on a turntable-needle and fall in to a deep (musical) sleep filled with cheesy, easy digestible music that nor progress or provoke, and never leave much effect on the listener. (But the radio keeps playing it so it must be good right?) And our friend stayed in this musical-trance for a 100 years until a prince(ess) named Amanda Blank would awaken him.

Thank you Amanda, for arousing me from this sound-dazedness.

Amanda Blank and Xxxchange - Get It Now
Aaaron Lacrate feat Amanda Blank - Blow
Spank Rock - Bump (guest Amanda Blank)

Sweathearts - Finger Bangin'
(direct link)

Pay your respect here and find more ---> Sweatheartsweat


linus! said...

haha, trodde den handlade om mig först..

R said...

I've been waiting for this one!

Thanks V, awesome as ususal!