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First time I heard Charly Greane was on the Orgasmic tape: Rise and Rise of Orgasmic, Super F passed it to me about a year a go.

The first song of the tape: Stade De France, was fucking fantastix, Charly Greane featured with Cuiziner, and it was the bomb.

Then I kind of forgot about this French dude screaming “Okee!” all the time, claiming “We make music for the big shows like Jonny Halliday”, and “I’m the new Bertand Cantat, with a cap”.

So then yesterday, I ended up on his myspace by accident. We started talking and I was able to hustle two dope tracks from him. Charly Greane’s carrying on a tradition of French rap that DBTY totally dig.

Check him out, and don’t forget his words of wisdom, if you ever go to BX: “Okee, dans ma ville, on aime les gros bouls!”

Club Bordeaux – Charly Green

Fais Trembler – Charly Green

Btw: We’re now six @ DBTY – Martin will be starting for us, posting Wednesdays, we’re promised lots of House and texts about awesome technical stuff. Sounds awesome.

Welcome Martin!

This is teh line-up:

Mondays: Super F
Tuesdays: Shoré a.k.a Garden Dwarf
Wednesdays: Martin L
Thursdays: V
Saturdays: Linus!
Sundays: R - Dj Bouges Ton Cul


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Everyday you're hustlin'! det är ingen hejd på det... Fett, ska lyssna after work!