on Monday, February 28, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Chris De Luca - Word Up!

BBZ002 - Chris De Luca - Word Up! EP from Be Bonkerz on Vimeo.

Big EP coming from Mr. De Luca, do not sleep on this one.

on Saturday, February 26, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

“Rolling In The Deep” - Cousin Cole Remix


Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Cousin Cole Remix) by COUSIN COLE

on Friday, February 25, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

It's friday damnit!

Do not miss out tonights party at Reisen Bar, if you're in Stockholm! Sticky Stockholm, Alca Pwnd and Sandy Loops at the decks!

on Thursday, February 24, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Musikguiden i P3 Med High Life No1

Biiiig mix from our homies in High Life! Check it!

Musikguiden i P3 Med High Life No1 by High Life

on Wednesday, February 23, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Johanna Knutsson - Heavy Baby

This is freaking brilliant! New stuff from one of our fave labels lately!

KLS004 - Johanna Knutsson - Heavy Baby EP - Snippets - Releasedate: 29.03.11 by Klasse Recordings

New Hat+Hoodie mix

Our homies in Hat+Hoodie keeps blessing us with big tracks and dope mixes, this one is brand new, and mos def a favourite!

Exclusive mix for Physically Fit! by Hat+Hoodie


1. Spaam - It Began In Africa
2. J-Wow - Fogo (Diamond Bass Remix)
3. Gonzales - I Am Europe (DJ Dizzy Remix)
4. Swick - Jogalani
5. Harry Benson - Kudzu (Raziek Remix)
6. Swick - Broccoli
7. Stinj - Jambo (Rishi Romero Ghetto Electric Mix)
8. Mastiksoul & Gregor Salto - Toca Bunda (Zombies For Money Bootleg Rework)
9. Daniel Haaksman feat. MC Fodate - Tamanehro
10. Disco Killah - Booth (DJ Chernobyl Remix)
11. Oliver Twizt - Doodlez
12. Oh Snap - Aussies Love Tank Tops
13. Lee Bass feat. Carmen Brown - Tschukudu
14. 4X4 - Miss Doctor (Paul Marmota Remix)
15. Rubi Dan & Congorock - Babylon Flo
16. Oliver Twizt feat. Maluca - Loca
17. Emperatron - Panic
18. Grodio - We Run Tings
19. Warrior One - Lord Of Bashy
20. Madeline Puckette - Get Down (Hat+Hoodie Remix)
21. Arge Numa Crew - Santa Alarmas (Hat+Hoodie Remix)
22. Arge Numa Crew - Boricua
23. Munchi - Murda Sound

on Tuesday, February 22, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Sticky Stockholm - Give Me / Ghosts EP

Second release from 12-3 Recordings is officially out!

Two house tracks with two rather different characters, deep and heavy from Sticky Stockholm!

Give me is a continuous house beat, with the heavy, classic marimba melody and a tight conga groove over a classic bass-and-kick-combo, made strictly for the dance floor: providing that driven, steady pumping beat.

Ghosts goes a in another direction, a hollow yet sharp feeling and several dimensions of percussion defines the track, while ghostly cut up voices adds the details. When the bassline kicks off, the track turns massive and pounding, a good b-side to this EP.

#002: Sticky Stockholm - Give Me / Ghosts EP by 12-3 Recordings

Marcus Price & Carli - Bubbelgum

Brilliant, fun, geniuos, super fat.

on Monday, February 21, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Fex Fellini - New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS - Fex Fellini from saw / blink and remove on Vimeo.

A really dope track! Simple as that.

on Friday, February 18, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Round Table Knights - Say What!? - Album

To quote our homies over at Pastor Wiberg - this will be a game changer. One of epic porportions.

MTPCD005 Round Table Knights - Say What?! Album by Made to Play

on Thursday, February 17, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Art Noveau - Air France EP

This is high flying and veeeeery good! Remix line up is epic as well. Big up Art Noveau, for this we'll be playing for long. Pay special attention to the ever so good Gucci Vump remix!

Art Nouveau - Air France / Souk EP by dementomori

Homework - Hudson Square

Homework - Hudson Square (Exploited) from exploited records on Vimeo.

Extremely good - as we're used to by now.

on Wednesday, February 16, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Sticky Stockholm - Diamond Dubs

on Tuesday, February 15, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Legobeat - Rooster Riddim EP

It's finally here! The third official EP from Legobeat, with a bang! Rooster Riddim EP - Massive!

Title track Rooster Riddim is lots of fun, adding vivid percussion, that crazy accordion, and in the true Legobeat spirit, a rooster to define the track. Three remixes gives three different, but awesome takes on the idea. Joelito kills the Rooster, and makes it even more of a banger, Daniel Klauser smoothens it and breaks it down to a dancy house-tune, and Hat+Hoodie takes it down to the core, making it a pure cumbia heavy weighter.

MacLovin is proper nasty, with heavy drums, a whiny sax and a stabbing bassline, making it a track for dim lighted dance floors. Whistle Express is simple, the express ride through a carnival train, heavy drums and whistles!

DBTY Records #11: Legobeat - Rooster Riddim EP by DBTY

on Monday, February 14, 2011, Pier wrote:

DJ Sega Sixer Series Vol. I

Cela faisait longtemps… Trop longtemps. Truc mental le gars.

DJ Sega Sixer Series Vol. I by DJSega

on Sunday, February 13, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Prince Club - New EP on Snatch

DBTY faves Prince Club keeps dropping dope stuff!

on Saturday, February 12, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Mackpaye - Big mix

Great mix from our french friend Mackpaye!

Source Of Cool Mixtape by Mackpaye by Mackpaye


1. Abel - Theodor C
2. Susan Cries - Bang Bang
3. Night In Tunisia - Jamie Anderson
4. Ask Yourself - Julio Bashmore
5. Just Vube (Soule Power Mix) - DVA & Fatima
6. Nights From Tokyo - Zuat Zu
7. Give It 2 U (Azari & III) - Quentin Harris & Ultra Nate
8. Bad Habbit - ATFC, AFFKT, Samuel Dan & Lisa Millet
9. Love Story (Solo Bootleg) - Layo & Bushwacka
10. First Night (Brooklyn Is Burning Remix) - Monica
11. Spanish Sahara (George Lenton Remix) - Foals
12. Raw (Hackman Remix) - Flore
13. Bright Colours - Hostage
14. Aspire - Crypt
15. Eyesdown (Warrior One Remix) - Bonobo
16. Booty Slammer - Velour
17. I'm Goin' Wit' You (Octo Push Remix) - Debruit
18. My Baby Left Me (Terror Danjah Remix) - Rox
19. Bag Lady (Girl Unit's Juke) - Erykah Badu
20. Swagger (Baobinga Remix) - Udachi
21. Haters Blockas - Sines

on Thursday, February 10, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Adrian Lux - Mini documentary

Our homeboy Adrian is making it big!

on Wednesday, February 9, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Luca Lozano - Heaven & Hell EP

Great EP from a new fave label!

KLS003 - Luca Lozano - Heaven & Hell EP - Releasedate: 14.01.11 by Klasse Recordings

on Monday, February 7, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Savage Skulls - Caravan

Damnit to hell this is going to be great!

on Friday, February 4, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

O.live.R - A Night Out

DBTY/12-3 Recordings affiliate O.live.R just dropped a bomb of a mixtape, a night out is tight, pure quality right thru. Check it!

DJ O.live.R - A Night Out Tape by O.live.R Mixtapes

on Thursday, February 3, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Urulu - Kookaburra EP

Ok, this one is simply huge! More great stuff coming from our french friends in Get Flavour! Biiiig EP!

Urulu "Kookaburra" EP by get flavor records

on Wednesday, February 2, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Black Rose - Anthem

Jesse Rose is epic in many ways, and this is a track we'll be keeping in our sets for loooong. Big up MTP, once again!

MTP036 Black Rose - Anthem Single [Advance Preview] by Made to Play

on Tuesday, February 1, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

The Crime - Fidji EP

Super productive label Top Billin just unleashed this EP, we dont know much about The Crime, but this is mos def worth checking out. Dope!