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Too strong for ya’ll, d000ds!

Alexis Weak is this Swedish guy from Gullmarsplan, Stockholm, Sweden. Basically, he’s rapping over dance music beats, produced by dudes like Vito Grosso, Prinz Adrian and Eric Prytz, and this might be the most fucking awesome fusion of rap and pure hardcore dance music I’ve heard since La Caution.

Franchement, il est trop, trop fort.

So who is he?
A.W is a part of the ever so hard working and talented Locash movement, the lyrics are (since most of you guys don’t understand them) mostly ‘bout *fuck offs*, which I of course love.

Support him and go buy his mixtape now! Otherwise look out for any live shows coming up soon (a fat big up: tu déchires, à Tore Wallert who makes the unbelievably awesome clothes for the live performance).

This is a treat by DBTY.


Alexis Weak – Stäng av Techno

on Sunday, August 19, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

Too mean for your love

I admit it.

I have this really serious faiblesse for arrogant French girls.

Like’ for example, your at this party, I see her, she sees me, I say “hi, how are you, ça va là?”, she answers by blowing smoke in my face, and I fall in love, immediately.

I don’t even know why, and yes, I know, it’s really fucked up.

Can’t help it though.

So, when I heard Simone – Elle est bonne, for the first time, I just went crazy over it. She has made several songs, some of them in English (really embarrassing, sucky English, as always when the frenchies are trying to sing in another language than their own), some of them in French, with various results.

There is, however, one really awesome song: Trop Bonne Pour Toi, that shouldn’t be missed. Listen to it at her Myspace .

I couldn’t possibly write a post like this with out giving you the two other girls, even more bigheaded Frenchies, right? They to are unbelievably awesome.

So here you go, fall in love!

Catherine Ferroyer-Blanchard - Tu Fais Le Malin

Yelle – À Cause De Garçons (Tepr Rmx)

on Saturday, August 18, 2007, linus! wrote:

The Warning

So, I thought it was about time to broaden the horizons of this blogg a little. Maybe not geographically - we've heard thousands of songs from that malaysian (sri lankian? english? sumthing..) girl as well as some stuff from Sweden and France. But genre wise, I think right now what we need is some carribean tunes...

This song is from a dude called Demarco together with Styles P.

The Warning

And, because we're such nice persons here at DBTY, you'll get the original Barrington Levy sample as well. Two for the price of none.


heavy stuff..

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Jimmy Oh Jimmy

Big-up to everybody that made my birthday party yesterday the most awesome, war-like, hilarious and fantastic bash ever.

This is ten reasons why I love you guys till I die:

1. We zipped them champagne bottles till we dropped.
2. I got several awesome cakes.
3. There was some barbecuing going on. That’s always very cool.
4. Some of us pretended to be a S.W.A.T team on a mission of freedom.
5. I got champagne poured at me!
6. The weather was p-p-perfect.
7. Neon green Fluo bracelets was distributed.
8. We called our French friends, and it almost felt like they where there.
9. I got great gifts!
10. The music was strictly electro-pute.

Ya’ll rox!

So anyways…

I wrote about M.I.A some one and a half month ago. Going all wild and crazy-happy about her Boyz-single.

Soon the new album will be released, and the video for Jimmy Aja is out for every one to see. And I really, really adore it.

Go check it out.

M.I.A - Jimmy Aja

on Sunday, August 5, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

The Key To Success

This spring I interviewed TTC for Groove Magazine.

I could be writing a long post bout them, what they’ve done and why they are awesome. Instead I’m going to explain why they are not hated.

Releasing three full-length albums doing French rap on electro beats is just not very common. Usually one releases one song on myspace and then gets 200.000 clicks and after five months of hype your forgotten and just SO YESTERDAY.

That’s not happened to TTC yet.

Why? One then asks himself.

I’ll tell you why: because TTC are the uncrowned masters of renewal. A big fucking must in this fluo fluo business.

So this is how it goes down:

1. First they release a super experimental rap-record singing bout super heroes, and a cd with La Caution under the name L’armée de 12. And every back-pack head in Paris goes like: Oh putain je kif c super tro difficile a comprendre faut l’aimer. That way they have a solid fan-base.
2. Then they tear up the clubs with a mix of electro and French booty-bass on Batard Sensible. And have every eighteen-year old in France singing Girlfriend.
3. After that they release 3615 TTC wich is super-pop and ever so catchy. The people like it. And just when listening to the otherwise so awesome Travailler starts to feel a bit boring.
4. They go and do the most fucking perfect remix of a song I’ve ever heard. Listen to it, love it or die.

TTC - Travailler Remix (Prod. Orgasmic)