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Too mean for your love

I admit it.

I have this really serious faiblesse for arrogant French girls.

Like’ for example, your at this party, I see her, she sees me, I say “hi, how are you, ça va là?”, she answers by blowing smoke in my face, and I fall in love, immediately.

I don’t even know why, and yes, I know, it’s really fucked up.

Can’t help it though.

So, when I heard Simone – Elle est bonne, for the first time, I just went crazy over it. She has made several songs, some of them in English (really embarrassing, sucky English, as always when the frenchies are trying to sing in another language than their own), some of them in French, with various results.

There is, however, one really awesome song: Trop Bonne Pour Toi, that shouldn’t be missed. Listen to it at her Myspace .

I couldn’t possibly write a post like this with out giving you the two other girls, even more bigheaded Frenchies, right? They to are unbelievably awesome.

So here you go, fall in love!

Catherine Ferroyer-Blanchard - Tu Fais Le Malin

Yelle – À Cause De Garçons (Tepr Rmx)

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