on Sunday, August 26, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

Too strong for ya’ll, d000ds!

Alexis Weak is this Swedish guy from Gullmarsplan, Stockholm, Sweden. Basically, he’s rapping over dance music beats, produced by dudes like Vito Grosso, Prinz Adrian and Eric Prytz, and this might be the most fucking awesome fusion of rap and pure hardcore dance music I’ve heard since La Caution.

Franchement, il est trop, trop fort.

So who is he?
A.W is a part of the ever so hard working and talented Locash movement, the lyrics are (since most of you guys don’t understand them) mostly ‘bout *fuck offs*, which I of course love.

Support him and go buy his mixtape now! Otherwise look out for any live shows coming up soon (a fat big up: tu déchires, à Tore Wallert who makes the unbelievably awesome clothes for the live performance).

This is a treat by DBTY.


Alexis Weak – Stäng av Techno

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