on Thursday, November 29, 2007, v för vem wrote:

A Night at the Opera

"Just throw a couple of tracks on a CD and burn it to me, you don't need to put any back in to it." Yeah, like I'm capable of doing that. I'm a music fascist you moron! I have such a split feeling towards that kind of request. I mean, on one hand I'm extremely flattered that ppl enjoy what I do, but I need my 8h of sleep at night. Keeping my up plotting tracks... you should know better! Anywho, here's a lil' sum I put together yesterday between my daily power naps(yeah in plural). It's a half live, haft "cubase-technology way beyond my capability" -mix. I haven't had the time to actually listen thro the final cut, because aliens abducted my hearing organs this morning, or any other bad excuse if you think the mix is week. I'll thro up the track list this weekend if anyone is interested.

v för vem - 1 night stand

It's almost as if I'll be at the costume party tomorrow. Play the mix and image Groucho Marx behind the wheels of steel. Enjoy!

on Monday, November 26, 2007, Pier wrote:

Oh la belle vie !

Franchement... Qui n'a jamais révé d'être riche, célèbre, de pouvoir voyager, de vivre de sa passion? je me le demande, qui? Comment en arriver là? Est-ce qu'on doit parler de réussite, de travail, de sacrifice ?
C'est certain, Diplo fait partie de cette catégorie de personnes, celle qui prend son pied! Mais faut pas oublier que ce mec bosse comme un poney!
Imaginez ce gars-là, qui voyage toute l'année, n'a pas de vacances mais il reste sympa, cool quoi. Lorsqu'il revient d'Afrique, d'Angleterre, du Brésil ou de Baltimore, c'est pour nous offrir sur un plateau M.I.A, CSS, Bonde do role, Dj Blaqstarr, Rye Rye... C'est à dire tout ce qui est susceptible de foutre un putain de bordel sur un dancefloor! Ouais, en fait, il est vraiment cool Diplo!
Alors qu'est-ce qu'on dit au Monsieur qui t'offre de la Baile Funk, de la Baltimore, de l'electro... Qu'est-ce qu'on dit? Et bien on dit MERCI! Bah ouais normal quoi... Juste retour, parce sans Diplo, et bien vous ne serez peut être pas en train de vous la péter en soirée!

Samim. Heater (Diplo remix)
Diplo feat. Rye Rye. Wassupwassup
Eli & Diplo. D.A.N.C.E
Bonde Do Role. Gasolina (Crookers Crunk Remix)

on Sunday, November 25, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

I've Been Seeing Things

Scottie B Friday.

Happy Nation yesterday.

And now my body hurts in so many ways.


Early Reminder:

DBTY @ Nada Bar the 19th Dec.

Don’t Miss Out The Youth!

Our friends at Steady Mobbin hooked us up with the new and awesome LL.Cool.Bee-mixtape. Rox as usual. Thanx dudes.

LL.Cool.B - Act A Fool Mixtape

Norwegian wood

So, im reading this book, Norwegian wood, by this japanese guy, Haruki Murakami. Its pretty much like Catcher in the rye, only with even more sex, booze, jazz references, love and bitter life views. Totally awesome.

So while you listen to this, imagine you sitting alone in a small jazz bar in some half fishy district of tokyo, its 1978 and your starting to get plastered on cheap vodka tonics, smoking as hell and trying not to think about That Girl..
Thelonious Monk - Honeysuckle Rose

The title of the book is a reference to a beatles song which I dont like, so instead you'll get another one:
The beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

And as a bonus(I know this one was kind of big in the bloggosphere some months ago, but for those of you who may have missed it):Wu Tang Clan - The Heart gently Weeps feat. Erykah Badu This one's a real killer!

on Thursday, November 22, 2007, v för vem wrote:

White men can't jump.

I have this friend who I hold highly on the subject Music. He's not a professional musician or anything like that. Dudes actually in a totally other line of work, graphics some might say(thanks kanye for helping me putting that slapper cover together). Never the less the man been given a fine musical ear. From time to time my friend puts some "real" music in my headphones, stuff like John Mayer, Chris Cornell, Duncan Sheik. Always to get the same bored expression of my face. I go on about how it's the same sing and song writer with a guitar, doing the same thing we heard thousands of times, its not necessary bad, just not giving me that goose bump feelin Shoré mention.

A while back, I'm at my parents house (it contains a TV, how '90 isn't that) flipping through the channels, when I see this awesome music video, Morning Yearning by Ben Harper. To my surprise, I'm really enjoying what I'm hearing. I couldn't wait to tell my friend of my new discovery. How I for once might found something that surely fit his music taste too. Was I in for a surprise when he told me that he been playing Ben Haper over and over again, in hope of convert me. Actually he'd been playing that very song not too long ago. Confused about this event, I've recently been analyzing how I came to like this track. What's the difference between Ben Harper and lets say, John Mayer or Chris Cornell? And why didn't I like Ben Harper until i saw the video? And it all got so clear. I'm not sure why I have this infatuation with African American musicians, but if you check my record collections, it definitely confirms it.

Does this make me a racist?

On that note, let get back to the program. Here's an exception I manage to find in my record collection, Scottie B (aka Scotty B).

Scotty B - We Don't Give a Fuck
Scotty B - Dosey Doe (Original)
M.I.A - Bucky Done Gun (scotty b and king tuts remix)
Gasolina (Scottie B & King Tutt Remix)

Go here to get more.

Scotty @ Berns this friday, don't miss it!

on Tuesday, November 20, 2007, Shoré wrote:

Michel, Cody and Me

Everyone who knows me knows I’m on a first name basis with the artists I love. I fell in love with Cody when I first heard his album the Headphone masterpiece in 2004. It’s been three years now and the same album (which is his only one) still gives me goose bumps.
Cody’s like that boy that always puts a smile on your face when he comes around the corner, that boy that will never bore your brains out. The boy that takes you to a total state of euphoria when smoking ganja. He’s simply special. Cody Chesnutt - Serve this royalty

Michel’s made of awsome. I saw his Human Nature when it came to the swedish cinema in 2002. It got even better with Eternal Sunshine in 2004. Then he made Dave Chappelles Block Party which filmfestivalen showed outdoors at Tantolunden 2006. I saw my all time favorite The Science of sleep in the beining of 2007. I’ve seen all of Michels movies in the (retarded swedish) cinema a year after they were released because they give me a visual orgasm.

Now Michel’s hitting klimax with Be kind Rewind starin Jack Black and Mos Def thats coming in 2008. So should I just download it on my computer? No. I know that seeing a Michael movie on a small screen will be like having sex with a rubber on. It will leave me soar and unsatisfied.

Here’s colaboration between two of my favorite boys. When you smoke weed, listen to Cody and close your eyes this is what you see. It doesn’t get any better than this.

on Sunday, November 18, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

Beautiful DBTY!

I’m in love!

I love us.

I love DBTY.

I love each and every one of you.

I love everybody that came Friday and made it magic.

I love Vemdetta for being the best Dj in the world.

I love my brother Lenny Drama for making us look so good.

I love Super F for turning the dancefloor in to a battlefield.

I love Gardendwarf for always tearing up the place, and for writing blogposts that actually mean something.

I love Martin for promising to make the next set even better.

And most of all I truly, madly, deeply love all of you other dudes who supported us: The Swede, The B, Johnny B Good, N00bster, Zizi, Boki, Mona, Shigeru, Godmother, Schtekman, Osky and everybody I forgot.

Thanx for dancing like crazy.

And thanx for the screaming, the fists in the air and the jumping when I played this one:

Gentlemen Drivers - 2042 L.A Dreams

The fucking song of the year.

Je vous aime, vraiment!



Ps. 200 + next time, right?

on Friday, November 16, 2007, linus! wrote:

The world is coming to our party tonight

Aaight.. so if you didnt know allready, DBTY is playin at Spybar, Stockholm tonight. If you're in town, dont miss out!

Cody Chesnutt - The World Is Coming to My Party

Justice - The Party feat. Uffie (LA Riots Party Dub)
(from the excellent Palms Out Sounds)

Bonus:T.O.K. - Intergalactic (Party Time Riddim)

on Tuesday, November 13, 2007, Shoré wrote:

That's my cool and I can't take it off!

I’m taking a course on postkolnialism and whiteness studies right now thats really intressting. It’s basically about how europeans fucked up the entire planet and declared themselves superior to all other races some 200 years ago and how this still lives on today in manny ways. This made me think of this beautiful song by Eddie Murphy .

Since this is a course in my film studies it’s linked to how non-white people are represented in film and other popular culture, in other words: how stereotypes are made. One theorist writes about how this has brought forward a black working-class maleness that’s coded as cool. The theoris gives an exaple from Pulp Fiction saying that John Travolta acts cool whilst Samuel L Jackson is cool, because the black male character appears not to be acting, he just is. Isn’t that fucking awsome!

My opinion is that this serves for the represention of african americans not africans. So where does that leave Adam Tensta? I haven’t really formed an opinion about this dude yet . His lyrics sort of suck, and i used to think he’s flow was wack too. And what’s up with naming yourself by a suburban area?!!! Like a friend once said “ Man FÅR inte heta Adam Tensta, det borde vara olagligt”
But I gotta admit his latest song is fucking PHAT! Maybee he’s cool after all.
Adam Tensta - My cool

on Sunday, November 11, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

Can i get some peace or what?!

“Can I please be left alone while taking a crap!?!,” the dude at the toilet screams.

As we enter the small restroom of Spy Bar in Stockholm, we’re all three chocked by the fact that there’s a guy dumping his joy in the white big bowl with the door half-way open.



The dude at the toilet is now screaming for help.

“Tom!? Toooom!”

Apparently his two friends has left the room. This is where I start laughing hysterically.

“Geet ouut!”, a tall guy with a funny looking hat enters and opens the door of the toilet. He turns around blushing.

By now we’ve finished taking a piss.

“Leave me alone”.

I can now see the dude since the tall guy didn’t bother to close the door.

He’s sitting with his head between the legs, his pants dropped to his ankles, he’s holding a roll of paper in his hand and he does not look happy.

We leave.


Someone else enters, and he restarts.

“Leave me alone I’m taking a crap!!!”

Horrible what drugs and alcohol can do to a man, but somewhere in his screaming and pooing I still could understand this little toilet-dude.

Sometimes all you want’s a little peace and quiet.

That’s the name of a fantastic song I got from Stockholm-born producer Shigeru (yes, there’s been lot’s of video-games @ DBTY lately, not my fault though).

If Shigeru keeps up like this I think it is rather certain to say, he’s got the future in his hands!

Shigeru - Peace'n'Quiet

on Thursday, November 8, 2007, v för vem wrote:

Baking soda + Cocaine

Hi, my name is Jerry and I am a playaholic. I've been clean for about 4 years now and I haven't had any serious relapses since "The Summer of DAOC"(it was more like 2 summers and everything in between). Yeah sure, I do a little bit of Dota now and then, just as a reminder of the good old days, but its under strict controlled conditions. I've been a slave under a good share of "titles", DAOC as a mentioned earlier, befor that LOD , even EQ and of course UO. These are the major heavy-use in my life. The list of light stuff or "in-between", well, I don't know where to begin . Some how I manage to dodge the latest arrival in the common playaholic arsenal, I'm of course talking about WoW. How I manage to do this is still a mystery, I usually tell myself that I've simply crown up, I wish...
Earlier this week, a got this call from a friend, lets call him bakin soda, introduceing me to this brand new release that just hit the street, lets call it cocaine. The mix, what can i tell you.

I know what you're thinking right about now. What's the big deal? You play some too? "Playing" guitar hero/sing star on your xbox/playstation with your friends Friday night, before you hit the club.

Diablo - Tristam
Matt Uelmen, the game worlds Hans Zimmer.

Dj Tameil - Street Fighter In Da Ghetto
(too keep a lil'bit of rep.)

on Wednesday, November 7, 2007, Shoré wrote:

Most Definitely!

One of the hip hop sceens’ most original and talented cool cat is finally going to set foot in Sweden!

One of the topics that allways seems to come up when you’re speaking about Mos Def is strangely his sex appeal. For even though he’s no classical beauty there’s just something about him that makes all women wanna get down and dirty.

I think it’s fucked up how people throw themselves at celebreties or think they’re hot just cause they’re famous but when it comes to Mos Def I have to quote Ali G “I DEFINITELY would!”

Listen to these tracks then honestly tell me you’d leave your girl alone with him. Hell if
Mos Def is ever sent to prison even the badest thug will let Def pee on him like R.

Mos Def - Panties

Mos Def – World traveler

Mos Def – Foundation of love

on Sunday, November 4, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

The Beef is on!

So I have this friend right? Elsa her name is, but to some she’s known as Easy-E.

We went out drinking yesterday, and she told me how she was going out for the second day in a row. We’re sitting at a really small table, listening to a perfectly good B-more set, and so she continues: “And it’s like, I woke up this morning really hung-over”, she takes a sip of her beer, “And I was just dying to have beef you know? So basically what I did was, I strolled down to the Super Market and got me some juice, some eggs, and then, Beef. And I ate it, and it was good.”

Now, here’s my point, I mean, isn’t that totally weird? You dont just by Beef, you by a nice steak, hamburgers, lamb-chops, entre-côte and whatnot, but Just Beef?

I surely don’t approve. That opens for a lot of bizarre misunderstandings, like for example, say I’m applying for a course at the university, normally then I would have to specify what course that would be. Uknowhumsayin?

I don’t just take the application form and fill out like: Me, Easy-E of Midsummerkrans, hereby plan to attend The Course at The University next term. It should be something like: I’m applying for Political Science at The University of Stockholm.

But she stayed firm. That very morning she woke up craving for beef. And so she bought beef. Just Beef.

We argued about for a good hour or something, then we ended up doing the “Guess Wich Smiley I Am”-game. Which was also weird cause she looked like the same one every time. Confusing.

I really like Easy-Elsa though, nice gal, despite her ever so strange concept of Beef.

This song is so fucking awesome, it makes me think about global heating, that’s depressing. But the melody is perfect and euphoric and thas nice. Kinduva ambivalent experience really.

Roisin Murphy is awesome to, I want to marry her.

Róisín Murphy - Dear Miami

on Saturday, November 3, 2007, linus! wrote:

the dark ages has begun...

Ok, this morning, as I went to work (on a fucking saturday!?) it was dark as night, the first snow was on the ground, it rained as hell and I think it was a typhoon blowin as well..

Now, as all swedes now, the part of the year (that lasts about 340 days) starts that makes you wonder why, and how did our ancestors manage to stay here? When they realized that their gods had abandoned them, why the hell didnt they took the first viking ship they saw out of here and sailed to.. ibiza?

two classics, perfect for mornings when you go to work and its armageddon outside:

Jedi Mind Tricks - Heavenly Divine

Platinum Pied Pipers - Detroit in the winter (Feat. invincible)

on Thursday, November 1, 2007, Martin wrote:

Ken - don't want to go home!

So you guys probably home sick. It's those times. Everyones doing it... I'm doing it!

Ken, the perfect mixture of Ernst Kirsteiger and ODB, is not home. He never wants to go home. He just wants to cutta dom.

Ken - cutta dom