on Tuesday, November 20, 2007, Shoré wrote:

Michel, Cody and Me

Everyone who knows me knows I’m on a first name basis with the artists I love. I fell in love with Cody when I first heard his album the Headphone masterpiece in 2004. It’s been three years now and the same album (which is his only one) still gives me goose bumps.
Cody’s like that boy that always puts a smile on your face when he comes around the corner, that boy that will never bore your brains out. The boy that takes you to a total state of euphoria when smoking ganja. He’s simply special. Cody Chesnutt - Serve this royalty

Michel’s made of awsome. I saw his Human Nature when it came to the swedish cinema in 2002. It got even better with Eternal Sunshine in 2004. Then he made Dave Chappelles Block Party which filmfestivalen showed outdoors at Tantolunden 2006. I saw my all time favorite The Science of sleep in the beining of 2007. I’ve seen all of Michels movies in the (retarded swedish) cinema a year after they were released because they give me a visual orgasm.

Now Michel’s hitting klimax with Be kind Rewind starin Jack Black and Mos Def thats coming in 2008. So should I just download it on my computer? No. I know that seeing a Michael movie on a small screen will be like having sex with a rubber on. It will leave me soar and unsatisfied.

Here’s colaboration between two of my favorite boys. When you smoke weed, listen to Cody and close your eyes this is what you see. It doesn’t get any better than this.


linus! said...

if I where gay, I would probably date Cody. Imagine wakin up to guitarr pickin and sweet sweet vocals every morning..

And if I where french I would be Michel's assistant. totally.

R said...

just tottaly awesome in every wayz

Mona said...

vänta nu...Proklamerar du INTE säkert sex här, helt offentligt?

nene said...

that is what you see when u smoke weed and listen to good vibrations. yeeeeeee!