on Sunday, November 18, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

Beautiful DBTY!

I’m in love!

I love us.

I love DBTY.

I love each and every one of you.

I love everybody that came Friday and made it magic.

I love Vemdetta for being the best Dj in the world.

I love my brother Lenny Drama for making us look so good.

I love Super F for turning the dancefloor in to a battlefield.

I love Gardendwarf for always tearing up the place, and for writing blogposts that actually mean something.

I love Martin for promising to make the next set even better.

And most of all I truly, madly, deeply love all of you other dudes who supported us: The Swede, The B, Johnny B Good, N00bster, Zizi, Boki, Mona, Shigeru, Godmother, Schtekman, Osky and everybody I forgot.

Thanx for dancing like crazy.

And thanx for the screaming, the fists in the air and the jumping when I played this one:

Gentlemen Drivers - 2042 L.A Dreams

The fucking song of the year.

Je vous aime, vraiment!



Ps. 200 + next time, right?

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Bogs said...

Fuck, I wish I lived in Stockholm.