on Wednesday, November 7, 2007, Shoré wrote:

Most Definitely!

One of the hip hop sceens’ most original and talented cool cat is finally going to set foot in Sweden!

One of the topics that allways seems to come up when you’re speaking about Mos Def is strangely his sex appeal. For even though he’s no classical beauty there’s just something about him that makes all women wanna get down and dirty.

I think it’s fucked up how people throw themselves at celebreties or think they’re hot just cause they’re famous but when it comes to Mos Def I have to quote Ali G “I DEFINITELY would!”

Listen to these tracks then honestly tell me you’d leave your girl alone with him. Hell if
Mos Def is ever sent to prison even the badest thug will let Def pee on him like R.

Mos Def - Panties

Mos Def – World traveler

Mos Def – Foundation of love


v för vem said...

I'll let let Mos Def pee on me any day of the week. (cos I'm a badass thug!) haha!

Anonymous said...