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Can i get some peace or what?!

“Can I please be left alone while taking a crap!?!,” the dude at the toilet screams.

As we enter the small restroom of Spy Bar in Stockholm, we’re all three chocked by the fact that there’s a guy dumping his joy in the white big bowl with the door half-way open.



The dude at the toilet is now screaming for help.

“Tom!? Toooom!”

Apparently his two friends has left the room. This is where I start laughing hysterically.

“Geet ouut!”, a tall guy with a funny looking hat enters and opens the door of the toilet. He turns around blushing.

By now we’ve finished taking a piss.

“Leave me alone”.

I can now see the dude since the tall guy didn’t bother to close the door.

He’s sitting with his head between the legs, his pants dropped to his ankles, he’s holding a roll of paper in his hand and he does not look happy.

We leave.


Someone else enters, and he restarts.

“Leave me alone I’m taking a crap!!!”

Horrible what drugs and alcohol can do to a man, but somewhere in his screaming and pooing I still could understand this little toilet-dude.

Sometimes all you want’s a little peace and quiet.

That’s the name of a fantastic song I got from Stockholm-born producer Shigeru (yes, there’s been lot’s of video-games @ DBTY lately, not my fault though).

If Shigeru keeps up like this I think it is rather certain to say, he’s got the future in his hands!

Shigeru - Peace'n'Quiet

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