on Tuesday, January 25, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

O.live.R - The Piano /Nightdrive EP

Ok! So here it is! First EP from new Sticky Stockholm managed label 12-3 Recordings. A two track tight atmosphered, piano driven house beauty - from Germanys O.live.R.

The Piano / Nightdrive EP!

#001: O.live.R - The Piano / Nightdrive EP [Preview] by 12-3 Recordings

on Monday, January 24, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Sticky Stockholm - Gun Slinger

Trackdown by track - Pt. 7:

(Compilation: We, DBTY – Volume 1)

06: Sticky Stockholm - Gunslinger:

Writing about your own tunes always makes you feel a bit weird, but here we go!

Making this one i was searching to produce something melodic, yet punchy, for when the dance floor is really going at it. I guess I landed somewhere between a tribal track, and epic house for a bigger stage. I added the gun sounds because guns are cool and awesome. Hope you dig it, I do!

A few words about the compilation it self, we're super proud about the end result, and making it was tons of fun! Expect an even bigger one next year!

// Sticky

Gun Slinger - Sticky Stockholm by DBTY

on Saturday, January 22, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Shigeru - Bookhouse Tune

Trackdown by track - Pt. 6:
(Compilation: We, DBTY – Volume 1)

06: Shigeru - Bookhouse Tune:

The DBTY heavyweight champion is Martin Berge, aka Shigeru, no doubt about it. His sound is massive in every sence, producing tech-bangers to die for. On the We, DBTY-comp, he's following up the sixteen ton EP from this autumn, Lost, in a way impossible to ignore.

The track is, as we want it to be, loud, banging and manic, with the biggest early morning factory-like sound we could hope for. Raw tunes like this, we need more of. Do as Shigeru's productions urge you to: Dance till you drop!

// Sticky

Bookhouse Tune - Shigeru by DBTY

on Friday, January 21, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

OKM8 - Saxophagus

Trackdown by track - Pt. 5:
(Compilation: We, DBTY – Volume 1)

05: OKM8 - Saxophagus:

The DBTY youngsters OKM8 blesses us with their second ever track on the label, its genuine, housy and made to mix, just like we expect them to do it. Look out for more from Daniel and Axel soon! These Stockholm talents will not disappoint.

Saxophagus is well produced and on point without being booring. The duo gets us on the hook with a punchy kick and a big sound picture that grows in a delightful way. The bassline and the build up suits the track perfectly. And then they hit us with that sax sample to die for. Melodic, but no too much, a true dance floor filler. Spicing up the comp with some warm, summer night vibes!

// Sticky

Saxophagus - OKM8 by DBTY

on Thursday, January 20, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Stinj - Rain Stick

Trackdown by track - Pt. 4:
(Compilation: We, DBTY – Volume 1)

04: Stinj - Rain Stick:

French wonderboy Stinj, of the Get Flavour-family (who’s releases we completely adore) is the latest addition to the DBTY-crew. Expect one heavy EP soon on DBTY Records.

Rain Stick gives a pretty good idea of whats to come from Stinj, witty tech-house loaded with bounce, somewhere between a classic hiphop-beat and modern, new school house-music, just like we love it.

So what about Rain Stick? The mumbling voice, the clockwork pulse-percussion and the intelligently laid out disposition of the track makes this the obvious addition to that straight forward tech house set. This will be played over and over!

// Sticky

Rain Stick - Stinj by DBTY

on Wednesday, January 19, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Legobeat - Bomb-Ay

Trackdown by track - Pt. 3:
(Compilation: We, DBTY – Volume 1)

03: Legobeat - Bomb-Ay:

Welcome to Bomb-Ay, where colourful sounds meet clubby, upbeat rhythms and a prisma of sounds. Me and Linus was working on a whole other tune for the compilation when he showed me the sketch-work for Bomb-Ay, and I fell for it right away.

The cut off voice, the beat ground work and the edgy bass was already laid out by Linus when I got my hands on the track. I loved the all trough positive vibe of the track from the first time I heard it, imagining something to mix up our sets with. I simply added breaks, new layers of percussion and the heavy b-more beat in the latter part. Easy work, spicing up an already magnificent construction.

We love being able do provide something like this, up lifting, yet dancy. Hope you’ll enjoy playing it as much as we will!

// Sticky

Bomb-Ay - Legobeat by DBTY

on Tuesday, January 18, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Hat+Hoodie - Auh!

Trackdown by track - Pt. 2:
(Compilation: We, DBTY – Volume 1)

02: Hat+Hoodie - Auh!

The German duo Hat+Hoodie are known for many things, they’re great djs, passionate bloggers, awesome mixtape producers, and we at DBTY mostly know them as producers of heavy bangers.

After releasing they’re two ton tank of an ep, Horrido EP last autumn, they’re now blessing us with another banger. Heavy, as it’s supposed to be, metallic, and in many ways similar to their successful b-side Turnitup from earlier, the on point, stabbing voice, the punchy percussions, the tightly constructed build ups.

The second track on the We, DBTY comp is a track to turn over the dance floor with. A genuine banger in every sense, making them scream Auh!

// Sticky

Auh! - Hat+Hoodie by DBTY

on Monday, January 17, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Alca Pwnd - Prowling

Trackdown by track - Pt. 1:

(Compilation: We, DBTY – Volume 1)

01: Alca Pwnd – Prowling:

Alca Pwnd, the man of many names, opens the first volume of the We, DBTY-comp with a fierce track. A perfect start, a true attention catcher. Layers of sound, frantic voices and shaman-like mumbling circles over a sparse, almost flat but powerful drum beat. We recognize the Alca Pwnd-style, and we love it.

This is not a DJ-tool, this is a beat to shock your audience with. Prowling is bound to make your crowd bounce, of course, but it’s also one of those rare tracks that will linger in peoples minds after leaving the club, for days after. It’s not hyper complicated, it’s simple in the most genious way, mystical, original, and super dope.

// Sticky

Prowling - Alca Pwnd by DBTY

We, DBTY - Volume 1

OK! So it's finally here! Our biggest one yet! BOOM!

Because this is simply huge, yeah, we said it. To celebrate the sounds we love, we decided to put together a nice, big release with the artists we dig, have worked with or want to work with the coming year.

Each track will get a proper introduction on DBTY.blogspot.com – starting the 17th of January, going through one track a day. But let us give ya’ll a quick heads up on what to expect from this release.

You’ll find some epic world bass, tight house beats, and most of all, a big bunch of dance floor bangers on this LP. The line up makes us ridiculously proud, we got some of last years most celebrated djs in there, raw talent! All courtesy of us, the DBTY Fam – enjoy!

DBTY Records #10: We, DBTY - Volume 1 [FULL PREVIEW] by DBTY

on Sunday, January 9, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Eden brings it!

Check out this brand new mix from the always amazing Eye of Eden! Some DBTY-classics in there!

Friday Affairs Live on GX Culture & Dance 07/01/2011 by Eden Bambino

on Saturday, January 8, 2011, Pier wrote:

Young L - Pound (Jeanville Remix)

Tous les matins, depuis 15 jours, une dose de Jeanvile x Young L au petit déjeuner.

YOUNG L - Pound (JEANVILLE Remix) by Bros Before Hoes 2

on Friday, January 7, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Big Up Stinj!

Great stuff from our french peeps in Get Flavour!

on Tuesday, January 4, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Say What?

Beyond brilliant.

on Sunday, January 2, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:


You need to check this out!

Joelito - Sickhead by Joelito