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Hat+Hoodie - Auh!

Trackdown by track - Pt. 2:
(Compilation: We, DBTY – Volume 1)

02: Hat+Hoodie - Auh!

The German duo Hat+Hoodie are known for many things, they’re great djs, passionate bloggers, awesome mixtape producers, and we at DBTY mostly know them as producers of heavy bangers.

After releasing they’re two ton tank of an ep, Horrido EP last autumn, they’re now blessing us with another banger. Heavy, as it’s supposed to be, metallic, and in many ways similar to their successful b-side Turnitup from earlier, the on point, stabbing voice, the punchy percussions, the tightly constructed build ups.

The second track on the We, DBTY comp is a track to turn over the dance floor with. A genuine banger in every sense, making them scream Auh!

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Auh! - Hat+Hoodie by DBTY

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