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Shigeru - Bookhouse Tune

Trackdown by track - Pt. 6:
(Compilation: We, DBTY – Volume 1)

06: Shigeru - Bookhouse Tune:

The DBTY heavyweight champion is Martin Berge, aka Shigeru, no doubt about it. His sound is massive in every sence, producing tech-bangers to die for. On the We, DBTY-comp, he's following up the sixteen ton EP from this autumn, Lost, in a way impossible to ignore.

The track is, as we want it to be, loud, banging and manic, with the biggest early morning factory-like sound we could hope for. Raw tunes like this, we need more of. Do as Shigeru's productions urge you to: Dance till you drop!

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Bookhouse Tune - Shigeru by DBTY

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