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Legobeat - Bomb-Ay

Trackdown by track - Pt. 3:
(Compilation: We, DBTY – Volume 1)

03: Legobeat - Bomb-Ay:

Welcome to Bomb-Ay, where colourful sounds meet clubby, upbeat rhythms and a prisma of sounds. Me and Linus was working on a whole other tune for the compilation when he showed me the sketch-work for Bomb-Ay, and I fell for it right away.

The cut off voice, the beat ground work and the edgy bass was already laid out by Linus when I got my hands on the track. I loved the all trough positive vibe of the track from the first time I heard it, imagining something to mix up our sets with. I simply added breaks, new layers of percussion and the heavy b-more beat in the latter part. Easy work, spicing up an already magnificent construction.

We love being able do provide something like this, up lifting, yet dancy. Hope you’ll enjoy playing it as much as we will!

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Bomb-Ay - Legobeat by DBTY

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