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Alca Pwnd - Prowling

Trackdown by track - Pt. 1:

(Compilation: We, DBTY – Volume 1)

01: Alca Pwnd – Prowling:

Alca Pwnd, the man of many names, opens the first volume of the We, DBTY-comp with a fierce track. A perfect start, a true attention catcher. Layers of sound, frantic voices and shaman-like mumbling circles over a sparse, almost flat but powerful drum beat. We recognize the Alca Pwnd-style, and we love it.

This is not a DJ-tool, this is a beat to shock your audience with. Prowling is bound to make your crowd bounce, of course, but it’s also one of those rare tracks that will linger in peoples minds after leaving the club, for days after. It’s not hyper complicated, it’s simple in the most genious way, mystical, original, and super dope.

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Prowling - Alca Pwnd by DBTY

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