on Thursday, November 8, 2007, v för vem wrote:

Baking soda + Cocaine

Hi, my name is Jerry and I am a playaholic. I've been clean for about 4 years now and I haven't had any serious relapses since "The Summer of DAOC"(it was more like 2 summers and everything in between). Yeah sure, I do a little bit of Dota now and then, just as a reminder of the good old days, but its under strict controlled conditions. I've been a slave under a good share of "titles", DAOC as a mentioned earlier, befor that LOD , even EQ and of course UO. These are the major heavy-use in my life. The list of light stuff or "in-between", well, I don't know where to begin . Some how I manage to dodge the latest arrival in the common playaholic arsenal, I'm of course talking about WoW. How I manage to do this is still a mystery, I usually tell myself that I've simply crown up, I wish...
Earlier this week, a got this call from a friend, lets call him bakin soda, introduceing me to this brand new release that just hit the street, lets call it cocaine. The mix, what can i tell you.

I know what you're thinking right about now. What's the big deal? You play some too? "Playing" guitar hero/sing star on your xbox/playstation with your friends Friday night, before you hit the club.

Diablo - Tristam
Matt Uelmen, the game worlds Hans Zimmer.

Dj Tameil - Street Fighter In Da Ghetto
(too keep a lil'bit of rep.)


v för vem said...

R, before I'm totally consumed, I took the time to help you write that review(Hellgate London).

Good: It's identical to Diablo 2 LOD
Bad: It's identical to Diablo 2 LOD

no need to thank me

DBTY Int. said...

Thanx very muchz haha,

In 0ne w33k iz r3l3aze off S000p3r Marioz G4llaxiezzz!!!

That, my friend, iz tr0ly 4w3somez!