on Sunday, November 4, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

The Beef is on!

So I have this friend right? Elsa her name is, but to some she’s known as Easy-E.

We went out drinking yesterday, and she told me how she was going out for the second day in a row. We’re sitting at a really small table, listening to a perfectly good B-more set, and so she continues: “And it’s like, I woke up this morning really hung-over”, she takes a sip of her beer, “And I was just dying to have beef you know? So basically what I did was, I strolled down to the Super Market and got me some juice, some eggs, and then, Beef. And I ate it, and it was good.”

Now, here’s my point, I mean, isn’t that totally weird? You dont just by Beef, you by a nice steak, hamburgers, lamb-chops, entre-côte and whatnot, but Just Beef?

I surely don’t approve. That opens for a lot of bizarre misunderstandings, like for example, say I’m applying for a course at the university, normally then I would have to specify what course that would be. Uknowhumsayin?

I don’t just take the application form and fill out like: Me, Easy-E of Midsummerkrans, hereby plan to attend The Course at The University next term. It should be something like: I’m applying for Political Science at The University of Stockholm.

But she stayed firm. That very morning she woke up craving for beef. And so she bought beef. Just Beef.

We argued about for a good hour or something, then we ended up doing the “Guess Wich Smiley I Am”-game. Which was also weird cause she looked like the same one every time. Confusing.

I really like Easy-Elsa though, nice gal, despite her ever so strange concept of Beef.

This song is so fucking awesome, it makes me think about global heating, that’s depressing. But the melody is perfect and euphoric and thas nice. Kinduva ambivalent experience really.

Roisin Murphy is awesome to, I want to marry her.

Róisín Murphy - Dear Miami


linus! said...

i think you can say beef.. or, can you?

anyway, you should be disqualified from the discussion, your a fucking veggie dude!

DBTY Int. said...

c ta mère le veggie