on Sunday, October 7, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

A light in the dark

Yesterday some of the DBTY-crew went to the Vice-party in Stockholm. I how ever, did not go there. Why? One then asks herself. Why did you say no to free drinks, a Dizzee Rascal-concert and a Dj-set by Turkdisco? Why on earth would you do that?

Well, I had to work.

On one side its really cool because I get paid to do an interview with Greg Rizzer (Lead Designer on The Simpsons Game), an article on Neneh Cherry and yet another one on Jaqee. These are all awesome people that I actually am given money to talk to.

On the other side I can no longer spell to spraetime… Sparrtme. S.P.A.R.E.E.T.I.M.M….

You know the thingy with time that you can use as you want.


It was probably wonderful.

So what keeps me up in this darkness? Last week it was Boys Noize that got me through.

Today it’s the beautiful new DBTY-look that puts a smile on my face every time I look at it.

Hughe thanks to my brother Linus for fixing us up look sharp!
(Brothers From Different Mothers-Crew Tm.)

I’ll put up some Dizzee-songs today, too ease the pain from missing the showcase last night, and as a dedicas to the Big L.

This is just pure ardcore:
Oldskool (Pussyhole) – Dizzee Rascal

This is pure euphoria:
Wannabe – Dizzee Rascal

And ya’ll know this one already:
Sirens (Komatrohn Remix) – Dizze Rascal

I mean, couldn’t he be the best fucking rapper on the planet at the moment?

And now he’s on the best fucking blog on the planet…



linus! said...

fuck. the beat on Pussyhole is fucking genious...

bästa ever!

R said...

yes it is!