on Sunday, October 28, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

The Warmth

So I’m coming down from the hangover of the century. I mean the hangover where you have a forty degrees worth of fever, hallucinate and wake up wearing nothing but socks, soaked with sweat, having changed your pillow for a pair of jeans, not really knowing where you are.

I didn’t go out yesterday, but Friday. Me and fellow dbty-member Linus had a plan: getting only moderately drunk, being in bed before twelve, for a focused Saturday of hard work.

The plan failed.

So five o’clock Saturday morning I’m sitting half naked on a fucking truck screaming Please Forgive Me by Bryan Adams my hands full of flowers.

Four hours later I wake up and fall straight in to my living room table.

Now I’m starting to fell better, however. The only thing that got me through this horror-filled hung over week-end was the soothing music of Exploding Hearts

Please Gudmundur, give me more soon, release a record or, I don't know... This is to beautiful not to listen to every day for the rest of my life.

Exploding Hearts – Leaving Love, Chasing Light

Exploding Hearts – There’s Only One Thing

(Btw: Thanx to Joel Stockman 4 the awesome Exploding Hearts photo).

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