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Tuesday you say? Sheeeeeeeeeit!

I was watching some old episodes of The Wire the other day, to get in the mood for the 5th season. In the middle of one I hear Rod Lee's Dance my pain away being played in the background, and to my surprise I realized that my first contact with Baltimore Club Music was probably from this show. This was way back before I even heard about the Hollorboard, TTlab or Faderecords. Kinda ironic when you think about it. Now days I need fresh bmore tracks like a dope feen needs their crack viles. I'll be that white boy out scavenging copper pipes with Bubbles, except at payday I' ll hit the record store instead of the dealers at the corner. Okey, enough with the wire meta fores.

So since I'm the only one on this blog with a few bmore history lessons under my belt, I'm gonna share with you some classic tracks that really had a big impact on me. And at the same time Ima dodge the wole "what is bmore?" discussion, and leave it to my fine blog friends here at dbty (good luck suckers!).

First out, Karizma. I stumbled upon a huge back catalog of old bmore tracks i few years back and hiding in the middle I found this ep. I know little more than what it says on discogs about this track. But keep in mind that it dateds back to 94', and still sounds amazingly fresh in my ears. I have killed my share of "bmore friendly" dance floors with this track. I've always told myself that it's because the bad sound quality and frequent cue-burns, but then again, maby im the only one feelin it?

Kman - Blow (Shahittin' Mix)

Then to what club music is all about. Simple, yet genius! I don't have much to say about this track but one thing is certain, if you bring this record for your set, you wont need to pack a SP-303 for any sort of horn sounds. This track is literally the definition of Air horns.
Samir is a fucking genius!

Debonair Samir - Samir Theme


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gewfy said...

Mr V!
I've been shakin what my mom gave me with you over at the DJ-set a couple of times. But I have to admit, I've never heard you play that Kman stuff.
Could it be you being afraid of killing the dance floor rather than us shakers being too mainstream?

Prove me wrong :P


linus! said...

Ooooh, that airhorn track, Samir Theme, is a fucking killer!!! Dododododododo!

v för vem said...

Lytes, you asked for it! I'll be Kman'ing your ass the next time until your ears starts bleeding!