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In your face, suckers!

When I heard about the Bmore theme i thought to my self: Damn, thats innovative. Lets make this blogg to yet another hipster paradise, feeling all exclusive and cool while we keep posting the same electro shit that everybody else does.

But maybe it was just me being bitter cause I can't hear the difference between Bmore, Ghettotech, Bootybase, Ghettobase, Miami base, Detroit bass and whatever they call it. To me, it's just hiphop for people who have zipped too much of that Cocillana and cant handle writing rhymes anymore. It's a bit like crunk, after ten beers, everything with a heavy base and pussy.. titties.. ass is awesome.

So, what was I supposed to do? Surf the hollertronix forum and try to find any good bmore? Im pretty sure both of the others tryin to write on this blogg will do just that, claiming that they've been listening to Bmore since 91.

Better of, I continue the tradition of bringing you good relaxing music, perfect for saturday mornings. But today, so I don´t ruin the oh so cool "theme week", I've searched for the absolut best songs amongst all that came up when I typed "Baltimore" in iTunes. (That, my friends, is what I call innovative!)

First out, we have one of the greatest voices ever. The Title track on Nina Simones album Baltimore from 1978 gives us smooth and fucking wonderful singing, over a clean, reggae inspired beat. Classic.

Nina Simone - Baltimore

And then, when I have lubed you up, you're ready to go all the way with one of the biggest, (allthough occasionaly one of the most boring) voices in jamaican music history, Dennis brown.
But why do I post this song you ask? Well, the riddim is called Baltimore riddim and exept Dennis Brown, you can hear big tunes by, among others, Everton Blender, Anthony B and Buccaneer on it.

Dennis Brown - The More I Excel

Fuckit, This one's so good, you really need this too:

Everton Blender - The Man


DBTY Int. said...

Ooooh.... amazing grace. You pwn us.

bogs said...


v för vem said...

Daaaamn! You read me like an open book! I thought my post were waterproof, but you just proved me wrong. All this frotin'!
Awesome tracks btw!!