on Sunday, September 9, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

Watch out for The Rockodiles!

This is when we go rock.

Have you heard about The Rockodiles ?

The oh so talented Love is hell -guy starts making music with this dude that looks like Ulf Lundell or whatever and then some arty guy in runners shoes starts playing drums and from times to times this really drunk dude that looks like a mashup between Harry Potter and the main character in Football Factory joins and voilà! You have The Rockodiles.

I don’t know if this started out as a joke or if they are dead serious or perhaps they are the product of some fat bastard at Sony BMG trying to make something new, just failing, sounding old instead, but very soulfull, ending up being something very good.

Who cares anyway. Embrace it, don’t fight it – as one of my old friend used to say.

So what I do know is: this is fucking awesome rock music made for brawling, getting wasted and thrashing your newly bought jeans to. Yes. It sounds good. Makes you feel good. And should definitely be seen live soon as you get the chance.

Like, a mix between Johnny Cash, Al Green, The Rolling Stones and The Missfits.

Cool as the north pole.

Isn’t Christmas Snow the most heart-breaking musical experience you’ve had since Sam Cooke sang “Iiiiiii waaas booorn by the riiiiverrr, in a little tent…”, and you just broke down and cried like a baby.

The Rockodiles - Christmas Snow

The Rockodiles – White Lines

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