on Tuesday, September 4, 2007, v för vem wrote:

God spoke to me this week-end

My best guess is that time is close to haft past three, and I'm barely standing outside Burger King with a milkshake in my hand. I'm trying to figure out where I'v been the last couple of hours, when I, from the corner of my eye, see this suite walking towards me. The man walks straight up to me and with a deep voice I hear the words "Where's your car?".
I turn my eyes from the traffic light which i'w been staring at for the last 10 minutes and try to focus. My eyes were probably all over the place cause the only thing a can remember was this bright red light. I manage to replay "car?" without thinking of swallowing that last sip of milkshake, making me look like I'm having a ceasure of some kind, the man swiftly turns around and walks away.

I'm left standing there at the sidewalk for a few minutes wondering what the fuck just happened to me, when I see the same man whistling and waving to every cab in the street. And just for a moment the whole universe comes to a halt and all the pieces falls to place. He didn't ask me "if" or "are you?" or anything like that, he asked me the direct question "wheres your car? like he had no doubts that i could be anything other than a cab driver.
So there is it. I finally know what to do with my life, all this waiting is to an end.

I don't know if picking a perfect theme song from my cab is the smartest way to pursue this new found life mission of mine. But hey, its a start right? Strictly Cousin Cole will be bumping out of my cabs speakers.

So, where are you headin' ?

Cassidy- Drink and My 2 Step (Cousin Cole remix)

(Can't help myself)

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Unknown said...

so right my friend - follow yer haart!