on Monday, September 10, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

It's wartime bitcheeeees!

So this is how it's going down.

This is the first official theme-week at Don’t Blame The Youth:

We’re giving you the certified DBTY B-More Bash!

Yes, it’s very simple, really. Each one of us will give their two preferred B-More tunes in the world. The two songs will be published with a motivation for each song, which will leave you guys the opportunity to download the worlds six best B-More songs in one week.

OMG! That’s fucking amazing, is what you are thinking. And you know what? You are right.

Why did we choose B-More as genre?

Why not?

Expect a lot of sucker-punching between us writers, lot’s of spontaneous fist pumping in front of your screens, at the office or your living room or n’importe où. At above all: expect lot’s of good music.

This is how it goes down:

Thursday – V-v-v-vem för vemdetta – first out.

Saturday – Linus publishes the second part.

Sunday – BTC aka Me wraps it up.

Bien à vous!

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v för vem said...

Jag är en tidsoptimist ^^