on Saturday, September 8, 2007, linus! wrote:

Wrap your chops...

Ok, it's saturday and you where probably out late last night, right? Your head feels heavy and your ears ringing? You hate yourself for playing so much guitar hero that you never want to hear another electric guitar(who does anyway?) again in your whole life?
Relax, we got just the cure for you. Like a salvation for those poor ears of yours.

So, I stumbled across this movie about american drug politics a couple of weeks ago. Except for the fact that it's a pretty funny movie, it also contains some great songs (about weed of course, since that's what the movie is about).

First out we have an old big band jazz tune from Cab Calloway:

Reefer man

And like that wasn't enough, we got even more of that 1930ish-crunchy-old-jazz-record-stuff for you:

Sidney Bechet - Viper Mad

And to finish this of, Swedish rapper Chords sampled Viper Mad and made his, by now almost classic ganja tribute tune "Wrap your chops".

Feeling better now?


DBTY Int. said...

It feels like heaven!

linus! said...

I also found this awesome video of Cab Callaway and his band performing Reefer Man:
Fucking genious!

And Speaking of Chords, check the video for "U call that love" with former Alkoholiks-rapper J-Ro and Chords: http://videos.onsmash.com/v/UDhkPkVjc5LXpn2i

DBTY Int. said...

The J-ro/Chords Vid is just awesome. Pure awesomeness.