on Sunday, September 16, 2007, DBTY Int. wrote:

The beginning and the end

I’m a broken man. Indeed.

So I guess it’s over.

Our first theme week has passed here at DBTY. It’s been crazy, to say the least. Jerry opened up in the most aggressive of ways; setting the standard so fucking high I thought it impossible to match.

Then Linus just fucked us over.

Now I’m sitting in my apartment with the computer in my lap, listening to Nina Simone’s “Baltimore” for the freaking fifteenth time today. Yesterday evening was all about “Samir’s Theme” as we celebrated our ever absent DBTY-member Shoré on her 23:d birthday.

You kind of understand where that puts me right? No fucking way I’ll ever mach these other two dudes. It’s just impossible. I mean, heck, this whole post has been me desperately trying to get away from the fact that I actually need to write something useful about B-more music.

Well fuck that.

This is a song that has been tearing up my headphones this whole summer. It’s just pure madness – c’est aussi très très beau. It’s gorgeous. Because the new-generation, kind of, (Diplo) meets up with the old school heores (Daft Punk), in an initiative taken by the man who more or less represents that recycling mentality in music (Kanye West) melting together in a magic, oh so magic B-more tune.

Diplo – Stronger (Remix)

Can’t really have a theme-week like this without DJ Technics either, now can we?

DJ Technics – Come on boy

And Scottie B should be there as well.

Scottie B - Niggaz Fighting

Well, hope that does it for a wrap up… All death-threats can be sent to me on myspace or in the comments section.


Tomorrow the line up is widened; DJ Super F a.k.a Pierre Guillou starts writing Mondays here at DBTY.

Welcome dude!

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v för vem said...

Yeah, and I thought being first out was the hardest, but damn! linus pretty much closed the door on this one! I´d throw in the towel too...

That Diplo remix is like the perfect track to wake up to a early monday morning right before your graveyard shift starts. Great work the Ru!