on Tuesday, April 1, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

Death Metal Mosh Pit!

So since in my real life (IRL) I'm the editor in chief of a magazine that writes about clubs and music and such I was today interviewed by some english gal who worked at some english music mag. And I was asked all these questions ab00t clubbing in Stockholm. And I was all like commaaaan! She was all like is it bad and i was all like ya'll dunno isht itz the bombz!

Don't we have like the coolezt club-town ever? I mean like commaaaan! Like last week I totally posted Style of Eye and now I'm giving ya'll this.

Commaaaan! It's like swedish death metal techno so frickin good one juzz wantz to strangle a little kittin! Dimitry Foyodorov has secured the future growth of good swedish asskicking techstuff for the next at least thirteen yrs!

Yeah man!


Totally exclusiveness!

Dimitry Fyodorov - Signal


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