on Wednesday, November 5, 2008, Noobeh wrote:

It's obvious I shan't survive on my wits alone.

As I get older, I can look back at parts of life and discern them more clearly than I have been able to before. I can look back at a moment in my life, say three years back and go, "Wow, I totally mistook basic common decency badly masking mild distaste with attraction" At some precise moments, I can even flash through events, being able to pinpoint the exact moment where my actions had a palpable consequence, to be completely truthful, most of those moments are basically "I shouldnt drink that last shot, I shouldnt drink that last shot, man I totally drank that last shot, now Im so drunk Im mistaking the Top-feeded washer dryer for a toilet. Problem is that if I compare the stupid bullshit I did three years ago with the stupid bullshit I did last weekend I can come to a rather important conclusion.

I'm not getting any smarter.

Actually, if my calcultions are correct (which they might aswell be) Im actually getting stupider. And not your average, run off the mill, Im killing braincells and think that the kids these days talk to fast, I mean getting stupider at an alarming rate. Im not even kidding, a few years ago if you'd asked me "Do you fancy getting shitfaced and re-enacting star wars movies with the use of cellphone sounds" Three years ago i'd be all like: "Dude, Im checking my stocks, SHUT THE HELL UP, I'm about to sell all that good Enron shit"

Ask me that today and i'd be tops like, "All right, but only episode 4-6, I dont play that Phanton Menace bullshit"I bet in a couple of years i'll be ready to re-enact Battle star galactica, woe is me.

Anyways, the only logical conclusion I've come to is that Im getting younger, Im regressing in maturity, untill i'll be a three year old kid in a thirty year old mans pearshaped body.

Now some people would be horrified at the possibillity of actually growing younger, you'll go through puberty again, you'll have all that awkward, "I feel so confused about who I AM" nonsense. But not me, fuck that, I'm tired of having to be so blase about everything, think about it, i'll be a mental sixteen year old kid and i'll go to a bar, it'll be a regular bar, big screen plasma showing something, people drinking beer, the odd harmless insane guy playing Jack Vegas and sneering about some of that trademark crazy talk that only seems to be spoken by people who wear very thick sweaters indoors and scream incoherently how the goverment stole they're mental bandwith.

People like you and me'd be pretty cool about it, "It's a normal bar, nothing special, let's drink a fucking beer and go home before the insane guy tries to cut us with a carpet knife"Sixteen year old me would be like, "OHMIGODTHISISSOAWESOMEMYSPACEKEYBROKE! Is that a guy with a carpet knife?! LOOK AT THAT PLASMA TV, HOW SWEET IS THAT?! THIS PLACE ROCKS"

My point being...Well Im pretty sure I had a point somewhere here...
Anyways, the moral of the story is, I'm becomming younger and I love it.

I'll be forever young!

Ps. Also, five years ago, I was watching documentaries about the second world war narrated by this brittish old geezer with a dry voice saying shit like: General Patton had a problem, the german tank division was only four miles away, and without reinforcements from the allied lines, the men of the 101 airborne were in quite a pickle" Right now, I've just finished watching season three of Digimon , Digimon tamers, which is basically a show about a guy who has a dinosaur that when you feed it it becomes big and red and can shot fireballs...Obviously im getting off track here, but that's whatever I was talking about for you.

Pss. I was totally going to serve you a juicy morsel from V's tables, but I punked out while drawing an architechtural schematic of a gingerbread Deathstar Im planning build. I'll post it later. Dss


Bogs said...

Alltså jag ska fan bygga ett jävla geometriskt mästerverk som kommer klå din fula dödsstjärna så hårt!

Martin said...

fattar inte.