on Wednesday, December 31, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

3 times 1

TONIGHT! we're mixing the mix at what seems to be the best putain de new years party ever!

We're playing between 00 and 4-ever. Unfortunally all tickets are sold and it's pretty much a secret party, so I can't write much abooot it, i'll be sure to post a video from it though.

So, schanywayz... this is what it looked/sounded like when me and Pier played at new Stockholm Club - DET. Pretty amazing it was:

Finally - the 16th of january we're going to play in Malmö with what seems to be the best club/dj-crew ever. We allready LOVE Brenda Walsh! On est trop motivé!

Check out their home page:

Babel Malmö/I Love! Brenda Walsh

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