on Friday, January 23, 2009, linus! wrote:


I sat at home yesterday, playing around with some big tunes, trying to make a nice mix. I've always liked "Mars" by Fake Blood, so I started off with that. And then I wanted to play Blaqstarrs "shake it to the ground", but realized I only had a lot off really strange remixes, so I started the infamous google blog search for a link to the regular version.

Imagine my surprise/dissapointment when I found this. Thanks a lot Andy George. Thanks alot for killing my mode. Thanks a lot for doing this a hundred times better than I could have done in garageband. Thanks a lot for an awesome mash up.

Fake Blood - Mars Vs Blaqstarr (Andy George's Mash Up)

See you at Pleasant, Stockholms coolest bar, tomorrow!

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