on Thursday, April 30, 2009, linus! wrote:

Let's set it on fire!

Today it's Valborg. It's a big tradition here in Sweden, and I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with Jesus, so thats something special for you! We throw alot of wood and old furniture on the ground and then we light it on fire and get really drunk watching the shit burn. It's really... FUN!

Also this is the day of the year when every Swedish teen by law has to get drunk for the first time.

So, whether you wanna to chill out in the evening sun, eat a faboulous "korvbricka" and think about the good old days when you where drinking "Häxa" in a park and watched some guys trying to get a fire going even though it was raining, or if you wanna get mad drunk of really sweet cocktails+Jäger and dance your ass of to the craziest Bmore, Fidget and Baile you can imagine, you should get your ass to Pleasant tonight!

And as you can see, we have celebrity guests tonight: None others than the Cocotaxi Brothers! WOHO!

Here's a small gift for you, and a sign of what to come:
Rico Tubbs - Boom Riddim (Sharkslayer Remix)

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