on Sunday, May 24, 2009, linus! wrote:

Time to start a bar fight!

Once again, the Legobeat boys have blessed us with an exclusive remix. This time, they remixed the new single "Inne på klubben" by Alexis Weak, the illest rapper in sweden right now, with an awesome feature by Teki Latex of TTC. I suggest you go straight to iTunes and buy Alexis latest EP, I just did and it's awesome!

There is a really funny story behind this tune also. Last night, when we premier played it in a club in stockholm, the crowd of course went bananas. Except one guy. He looked like a guy who only listened to old The Who records, really fat with a beard and a dirty jacket. He stepped up to the dj booth demanding that we stopped playing this stupid, braindead da-da-da-da-da-da music shit or else.
When we didn't, he screamed, smashed his fist to the table, lifted a chair up and was right about to smash it in our little heads when a really big guy in a suit and a hat saved us. Thanks suit-and-hat-guy!

Alexis Weak - Inne på klubben Feat. Teki Latex (Legobeat bounce remix)

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