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One of the problems with all the music pumpin out of UK is that the geezers over there tend to change the name of their genres every time someone add a drum to the drum pattern, which is about every sixth months or so.

So what was once Garage became Twostep which became Grime which became Bassline which became UK Funky. And somewhere in there you have to squeeze in Jungle and Dubstep as well. (I'm really no expert on this, I might have mistaken the order or forgotten one or ten genres...)

Anyway, although almost everything is good, I kind of really like this latest addition, that I think is called UK Funky. Or maybe it was Bassline. It's kind of like Grime mixed with super commercial american R&B:

  KIG - Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Donae'o - Party Hard


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