on Wednesday, November 11, 2009, v för vem wrote:

Lord, I have sinned.

So finally... We did the most hardcore, rocknroll, fuck the world, true star quality achievement a dj-collective can do. Call in last minute sick. Yeah, you heard me! The true sign of an great artist.
The one who calls minutes before a gig and lets you know he´s not showing up, and the best excuse one could figure, "sick". Like the odds off all of us being hit by a pandemic.

Well, in fact it is flu-season and i actually got totally fragged by the lady with the svineflu-shot the other day. "You might feel a sting" she said, and left out the part about 4 days of pure agony and feverish nightmare to come. (seriously I've been out for days now, stay away from that thing they call "vaccine" the government surely know every move I've made). But the again, if the vaccine can break a man like this, I don't want to step anywhere near the real thing. So, 4 days of suffering is a good trade-of, if it keeps me from getting the real thing.

Well, I totally lost my trail of thoughts while ranting about the sweet old nurse from the daycare center. The moral of the story is that my conscience have been bugging me to come clean. There you have it! So in what better way to repay my sins.

Kleerup ft. Lykke Li - Until We Bleed (v för vems on the prowl mix) by Vemdetta

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