on Thursday, November 4, 2010, DBTY Int. wrote:

Finally: Alca Pwnd - Lotus

We've been waiting so long for Jay to drop this - DBTY Proudly presents Alca Pwnd!

DBTY Records #08: Alca Pwnd - Lotus EP by DBTY

Alca Pwnd is the newest project of Stockholm based dj, producer and DBTY co-founder Jerry Nellert (a.k.a Dj Vemdetta). House influenced by the world all over, genuinely tight sound and dance floor adapted.

Two tracks opens the door to india, hyper well constructed, and they’re both the obvious addition to your crates with that drum driven house music in them.

The remix line up is strong. Skwee producer Mangrove adds something completely different with his uplifting back beat. Stockholm young boys OKM8 (okay mates) gives us a straight up hardcore midget track. And DBTY-fam Legobeat produces a heavy beat alternative, a violent yet colorful party tune.

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Plaisir said...

Je viens de tomber sur votre blog via HMIT. De très bon sons ! Bonne continuation !