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Mega post: Eye of Eden starts a war

Our asian (and nowadays LDN) connect and bro Eye of Eden (or El Bambi, if you like) drops a two flank all out attack on dance music, not to light up the december darkness with a candel, but rather a nuke.

The mix is original, really tight and pretty sparkling. 40 mixes in 40 mins, lots of exclusive mashups and a journey trough his musical mind, that just wont stop to surprise you.

Eden A.K.A EL Bambi - Ear Drums Winter War Mix Presented by DBTY! International by Eden aka EL Bambi

This mashup is just massive - something to put i your set:

My DJ Jasta (Ezy Eye Live Mash) by Eden aka EL Bambi

Mix Tracklist:

01) FM Can't Get Enough Sexy Tan (Ezy Eye Live Remake) - FM Tan Sexy - El Guincho / Can't Get Enough - Wiley
02) Wheel Mucho & Come Fresco (Ezy Eye Live Remake) - Wheel & Come - Evolve or Die / Mucho Fresco (Paul Devro Remix) - Milkman
03) Combination Get Low (Ezy Eye Live Remake)- Combination (Hat+Hoodie Remix) - Jali Bakary Konteh/ Get Low (Chico Ye Remix) - Lewis CanCut
04) Song for Nonna's Lotus (Ezy Eye Live Remake) - Song for Nonna - Act Yo Age / Lotus - Alca Pwnd
05) Hold On Klezmer (Ezy Eye Live Remake) - Hold On (Toadally Krossed Out Remix) -The Chain Gang Of 1974) / Klezmer - Square Mode
06) My DJ Jasta (Ezy Eye Live Mash Up) - My DJ (Ms Dynamite) - Zinc & Benga / Jasta - Legobeat
07) From The Sixpack Anthem Drop (Ezy Eye Live Remake) - From The Drop (L-Vis 1990 Remix) - MJ Cole & Wiley / The Sixpack Anthem (Harvard Bass Remix) - Orgasmic
08) Switch To Fissa Midnight Request Line Tune (Ezy Eye Live Remake) - Midnight Request Line (Switch Remix) - Skream / Fissa Tune - Homework
09) The Big Zig Zag Stef (Ezy Eye Live Remake) - The Big Stef - Solo / Zig Zag (Mowgli Remix) - Camel
10) Kitch In Mantra Beat (Ezy Eye Live Refix) - Kitch In - Tim Green) / Mantra Beat - Sticky Stockholm
11) Fortune Paperboard Cookie (Ezy Eye Live Remake) - Fortune Cookie (Yolanda Be Cool Remix) - ULC/Nhan Solo / Paperboard - Remcord
12) Infinite Decimal Acid Digestion (Ezy Eye Live Mash) - Acid Digestion - Dj Sneak / Infinite Decimal - Dubble Dutch
13) Valhalla's Momma's Boy Panics (Ezy Eye Live Remake) - Valhalla (Momma's Boy remix) - Hostage / Panics - Emperatron
14) Machuka Be Squark (Dirty) (Ezy Eye Live Mash) - Be Machuka - Lil Jon vs DJ Sega / Squark - Roska
15) Greenmoney Fatherless Picantie (Ezy Eye Live Remake) - Picantie (Greenmoney Remix) - Busy Signal / Fatherless - Breach
16) Doubt What It Look Like (Ezy Eye Live Remake) - Doubt (Doc Daneeka's All For Space Grime) - Delphic / What It Look Like (Todd Edwards Remix) - Spank Rock
17) Tell em' - Outdated (Ezy Eye Live Refix)
18) Township So Squalid Funk (Ezy Eye Live Remake) - Township Funk (Sinden Remix) - Dj Mujava / So Squalid (Instrumental) - Mundance
19) Mo' Sky Chaxo Surfing (Ezy Eye Live Remake) - Mo' chaxo -J-WOW & Toy Selectah / Sky Surfing feat. Wayne Marshall (Douster Remix) - Toddla T
20) Terry Nutkins vs Oo Aa Ee vs Vybz Kartel (Ezy Eye Live Mash) - Terry Nutkins - S-Type / Oo Aa Ee vs Vybz Kartel - TRC

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