on Wednesday, March 16, 2011, DBTY Int. wrote:

Its such a sad day: Nate Dogg and Institubes

Strange news this morning: Nate Dogg is dead and Institubes closing shop.

There's no way we can pay tribute to both Nate Dogg and Institubes in one blogg post, or in a million. But beleive us when we say that this singer, and this label, though from different worlds, meant the world to us.

Epic singer and hit-maker Nate Dogg died tonight. He made us understand the meaning of a hit. A genious in so many ways.

Regulate - Warren G and Nate Dogg

Also, the news that Institubes is going to close shop reached us. A label that in so many ways defined us as dj:s, and modern dance music as genre. Their importance is beyond description.

Bobmo - To The Bobmobile (Institubes)

Both those things at the same time. Sad.

Lets remeber these musical institutions with a smile!

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