on Sunday, August 7, 2011, linus! wrote:

Soundcloud sunday!

Hello! Thought I'll do a little soundcloud roundup, some songs that I've found that I think are too awesome not to share:

First, the awesome 3ballMTY collective/king of 3ball Erick Rincon:
3Ball MTY FT. EL Bebeto y America Sierra - Intentalo by Erick Rincon

And since we're on the 3ball track, lets continue with this, a tribute to the mystic tea of South America known as yerba mate:
Cherba Mate Tribal by Batumba

Our swedish amigazo Joelito brings it down on this fat remix of Kidnap kid's "No one else":
Kidnap Kid - No One Else (Joelito Remix) by Joelito

And my good friend Relo from Sub Klub/Buenos Aires just released this cool Menjunje LP, full of ukfunkyish wobbly basses:
Dont know much about this one, except that Jack Smith is from Colombia and has a totally jackin style:
Jack Smith, Diego Vivas - Baila Baila (Preview) by JACK SMITH

Finally, our homeboys Cocotaxi are cocoing some crazy shit up lately:
Leg-No ft Knixx - The Ruckuz - (Cocotaxi Remix) by COCOTAXI

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Jack Smith said...

Great tunes!
I like it :]