on Wednesday, December 19, 2007, linus! wrote:

another day in hell..

In this time of madness, vice-magazines, americanaparell-stores, oversized(remember, its not the same as "too big") fluo print shirts, rayban wayfarers that everybody suddently found at home, or maybe at their grandparents's, and just thought they where tooo cool, (or, just those huge nerd glasses, even worse!), parties sponsored by beer companies with overprized beer, clothes that went from second hand to vintage over a night, wheather so cold the balls fall off everytime you have to go to work, a goverment that's tired of doing stuff, so they sell out everything, hoping that somebody else will do stuff for them, microsoft buying a teeny weeny bit(1.6 percent) of a website(I bet a dollar no one will even remember what facebook was in five years!) for a fucking ridicoulous amount of money (240 million dollars!), it is nice too think about di holy maddaland for a while..

Junior Kelly - Ethiopia

Mulatu Atatke - Yèkèrmo Sèw (A Man of Experience and Wisdom) (you might recognize this one from the broken flowers soundtrack...)

..And be sure to check out Johans post(and torrent link) about the best rnb album this year at The day we lost the soul

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