on Tuesday, December 4, 2007, Shoré wrote:

Hickeys and Handcuffs

When I was a little girl I used to drive my older brother nutts playing the same song on repeat for hours and hours. I don’t think it was as much the songs being played over and over again as me actually singing/rapping along EVERY TIME that bothered him so much you could actually see his head turn red and then explode.
I still do this shit ‘cause of two things: first when I love sumthin I love it, and second I’m a real lyrics fascist.
So if your lyrics are made of bullshit you can back it up with a beat that just can’t leave the listner sitting still and a catchy bullshit chorus. like dancehall, reaggeaton and Kelis always do. Listen to this and you’ll be singing about hickeys in no time. Kelis - Ah shit

Now mr Hova has dropped a new album namned American Gangstar. Like always with Jay-Z the production of this album is phat with a capital P. I really liked it the first time I listend to it, but it just doesn’t make me wanna press the repeat button on my stereo or even learn the lyrics so I can sing along (which I do, as I pointed out earlier, to the point where peoples heads blow off). Fallin’ featuring Bilal makes me wanna listen to my Bilal album, Party life makes me wanna listen to some old soul music and Blue magic (which is my favorite so far) could as well have been instrumental with just Pharrell singing the chorus. And this isn’t cause i don’t like Jay-Z, Reasonable Doubt is one of my alltime favorite hip hop albums.

Lupe Fiascos new album Trials and Tribulations on the other hand is totally made of awesome. The song Handcuffs has been making the furniture in my appartment vibrate for a whole week now. Download it, then turn your volume up to maximum. it's kind of like Xibit said "With a dick in your ear, you still couldn't fuck with his sound"

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