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What is in the bag

It's been a long time coming. No it hasn't, but I haven't published any theme-posts for a while, so here we go.

I actually thought Cobrastyle by Teddybears was a completely cheesy song the first time I heard it. The nerdy combination of Teddybears ever so pop productions with a certain fluff to them, and the kinda goofy lyrics by mad cobra.

However there's something undeniable in this tune, and hence these three remixes are quite cool listening to, comparing and smile at.

I for one prefer the Radioclit version. It's chaotic yet calm in a surrealist kinda way.

Cobrastyle Radioclit Rmx

Cobrastyle Diplo Rmx

Cobrastyle Teddybears Robyn Remix

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Anonymous said...

teddybear c'était au trans ya 15 ans non ? sinon tu connais charles trenet c'est tout nouveau c'est frais !