on Saturday, July 5, 2008, v för vem wrote:

While I was tripping balls-

You guys know how hard it is to find a gold and yellow three stripe adidas tracksuit? It's hard, take my word for it. Now Im not your best, nor average shopper, I usually just shop in second hand stores, and I often look like comic book store guy from the Simpsons while doing it. So for me to find a green and gold three stripe tracksuit would be the normal person equivalent (in hardness) to...building a small cottage, or trying to make your DOTA addiction sound cool infront of girls at the night bus. Fuck, I lost my train of thought. Anyways, the chance of me actually finding said tracksuit is nigh impossible. I had pretty much given up hope of ever getting my hands on a gold and green tracksuit, untill the day after midsummer. The day after midsummer, I woke up in a pair of silk pyjamas, with an empty bowl of pasta on my belly (a living fat joke right there). After about half an hour of attempting to stand up, my head was killing me, my belly was making "What's goin on up in this piece" type noises. Far be it for me to try and further bore you with details of how hungover I was, but think of all the lame hangover metaphors of all the college movies in the world put into a blender, mixed with sambuca and served in the rotting carcass of a baby deer. That graphic enough for you? Anyways, I knowthe people I hang with, and I know that attempting to get people I hang out with after a drinking binge like midsummers to do something other than watch reruns of Battlestar galactica is nigh impossible. Hell, getting me do that shit is impossible, since Im the laziest guy I know. I would say that it is as impossible as finding a gold and green tracksuit. Now, you see where this is going? I didnt see where it was going, one minute I was laying on my couch trying to send the morse code for "Kill me by putting me in the washer/dryer" to my roommates, and the next moment I've washed up, put on my big boy clothes and am drinking a beer in the club, thinking "What about bärs och järn?". Are you lame? Are you blind? DBTY can make it well, sing halleluljah, they achieved the impossible, they filled a club the day after midsummer.
So now, I feel confident that if they can fill a club with happening people the day after midsummer, I can find my damn tracksuit, 'nuff said.

Took me long enough to get to the point? Well this is my first blogpost, ever. It's my pleasure to with this somewhat inane post have a chance to give you guys this bitchin tune, fresh from V's table, enjoy! I know I do.

Double You - Please Don't Go (Vem'detta remix)(demo)

Noobeh, writing from V's account, tripping balls.


linus! said...

hahaha, this was the best post in a long time!

Uhm, i cant even imagine a tracksuit in gold AND yellow. How does it look? Does it look good? And WHY do you want this? I found this, thought it was pretty cool: http://cgi.ebay.com/ADIDAS-ORIGINAL-70s-JACKET-TRACK-YELLOW-Europa-83-C-M_W0QQitemZ170236180557QQihZ007QQcategoryZ137084QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
Kinda Kill-bill-stylee..

And as usual, another Big Bang from V. Awesome!!!

Noobeh said...

Since I was infact tripping balls, I of course managed to get the colors incorrectly, throughout the entire post. I was infact refering to a "gold and green" tracksuit, and not gold and yellow. I want a gold and green tracksuit, I think why I want it is for obvious reasons, like it's awesome, and it'll match the babyshit brown color of my eyes wonderfully.

Shoré said...

Hahaha, i've been home bored out of my mind with a high fever ever since the Jah cure consert (witch was totally worth it) this post cheerd me up.
I prefer this retro jamaican track suit more than the kill-bill-ish one.


Och vad händer med "Hulken" Noobeh?! Har du snackat med kidsen än?

Ruben said...

V-v-v!!!! so awesome!

and btw noob, did we just get a new member on the blogg? loved it! let me know and i'll hook you up with a login!