on Friday, March 13, 2009, linus! wrote:


Do you remember that old episode of Friends when Rachel tries to cook, but by mistake glue two pages of the recipe book together so she makes half a lasagna and half a pancake cake? Everybody, of course, thinks it tastes really awful, except Joey who says something like "What? Pasta - GOOOOD, jam - GOOOOD, meat - GOOOOD, whipped cream - GOOOOD!"

That's kind of how I thought when I made this song. Bmore - GOOOOD, Dancehall - GOOOOD, Airhorns - GOOOOD, Breaks - GOOOD, Baile funk - GOOOOOD, dirty lyrics - GOOOOOD, Ward 21 - GOOOOD!

So there you have it, the world premier and the very first release from our side project LEGOBEAT (check out our myspace also!), an awesome mix of everything we like. Exclusive to all the good readers of DBTY.


Legobeat - Da Pum Feat. Ward21 (Lenny Drama's favela remix)
(in 320 kbs of course)